Monday, June 30, 2014

Indonesia: Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera (Day 2nd)

As for breakfast, the hotel café served us with fried rice, toast, coffee and tea. Im not a coffee lover, however I chose hot coffee cuz the fresh original coffee powder calling me! Yes, the Indonesian hot coffee was nice!

At 8.30am, Pak Yas meet up us at lobby and we enjoyed some of surrounding and scenery all the way to next venue. Before proceed further, we stopover at Sulaman Linduang Bulan to check out their latest design of embroidery and I was looking for cotton telekung.

Doa Harian di Bulan Ramadhan (Hari ke-3 dan 4)

Doa Harian di Bulan Ramadhan (Hari ke-1 dan 2)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Indonesia: Pekan Baru, Riau - Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera (Day 1st)

We arrived at Pekan Baru (PKU) and we meet up with Pak Yas (Supir) and his son at Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport. Supir payment IDR2.2k (RM627) including Avanza new car, petrol, parking, driver fees and tipping (expense3). On the way to our next venue, we heard adzan of Zohor and we drop by Masjid Al-Fithrah to perform solat jamak and qasar. Hurm, at this Masjid no curtain or border between men and women area. Maybe this Masjid still in construction phase or the culture here perhaps. Here, ‘alas kaki’ is not a doormate; however it is referred to shoes.

All the way we saw some marriage ceremonies on our left and right side along the road. Besides, we passed by State Islamic University Riau. We saw lots of pineapples were sold along the road of Rimbo Panjang area. Locals made as pineapple crackers and they produce jackfruit chips as well. I never taste both crackers and first time I saw those.

Indonesia: Pekan Baru (Riau)-Bukit Tinggi-Padang (West Sumatera)

Sumatera, Indonesia time = UTC +7
Indonesia currency = IDR (Rupiah)
Currency rate = 0.0285 (e.g IDR1k = RM0.285)
Language = Indonesian

Plz note actual date went to Riau-West Sumatera was on 11-14 May 2014. The expenses stated here was for 2 pax.

As most of my previous journeys were arranged by travel agent, however this time we did it by ourselves from ticket, hotel, meal and itinerary. Hence, for the first time I depict myself as a traveler instead of tourist. Not so called traveler as we rent a car together with the driver (locals called driver as Supir). We booked AirAsia air tickets a few months earlier and cost us RM236 returned for both (expense1). We were advised to reach KLIA2 earlier cuz it was newly air terminal which was officially opened recently on 9 May 2014 and some area still ongoing construction.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Muslim’s Guide to Traveling

The concept of travel as a means for spiritual growth, contemplation and learning as well as a means for societal progress has been important throughout Islamic tradition and history. It is clear from the accounts of Muslim geographers who mapped the globe; students who ventured far and wide to study with scholars; astronomers, linguists, scientists and emissaries that embarked on voyages around the world, as well as from the sunnah (tradition) of the Prophet ﷺ and the following Qur’anic ayah (verse):

“Say, [O Muhammad], ‘Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation…” (29:20)

Actions are judged by intentions, so the first step toward getting the most out of your trip is to make the sincere intention to travel for the sake of Allah (swt), for every step you take along the way to be a step closer to Him. You can start by reciting the du`a’ (supplication):

Allahumma aftahli abwaaba rahmatika - O Allah, open the doors of your mercy to me.

As with everything in Islam, travel has a higher purpose. This purification of intention will insha’Allah (God willing) facilitate the productivity and maximize the gain from the trip, both in this life and the next, so taking some time out to order your thoughts and prayers is essential.

While traveling, praise Allah (swt). Be grateful for the opportunities He has afforded you, seek Him everywhere you look, call out to Him and He will respond. During a moment of nighttime stillness, stand in awe of He who placed the stars there for you to see. When meeting people on your travels, remember that they are in their own right blessed works of His creation and that you can learn something from every single one of those souls He has put in your path.

Open your mind. We are an ummah (community) rife with racism and cultural prejudices and superiority complexes. Adopt the fundamental Muslim attitude that no human is better than another except according to his piety, captured in the verse:

“O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another…” (49:13)

Air Race Putrajaya 2014

Air Race was held at Putrajaya Lake Precint 6 on 17-18 May 2014. It was new experience to witnesses the airplanes compete each other, manoeuvre skills and speed live on sky. Air racing is a motorsport engages airplanes competing over a fixed course and first time ever, Malaysia has been chosen to host the Air Race 2014. Air race is well-known due to fastest and most exhilarating motorsport with a combination of speed, low altitude and extreme manoeuvrability performed by excellent pilots.

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