Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seafood : Pepahat (Razor Shell)

My hosmet brought some cuisine yesterday. It was my first to taste that cookery. Hahuh, guest wat babe? Pepahat! Yezaa, not pahat but Pepahat, or certain people call it as Siput Buluh or in English we call it as Razor Shell if I’m not mistaken.

Pepahat Lala Masak Cili Padi

I dun really familiar with this Pepahat, however I believe Pepahat can be found on sandy beaches and this creature lives under the sand and dig itself to a safe depth. Physically, Pepahat is elongated more or less as our little finger (jari kelingking).


For those who haven’t tried, comes taste it. Hurm, lagi sedap kalu Pepahat masak sambal. Perghh, claz babe!


  1. teringin nak rasa..mana nak dapat siput ni

  2. Bagan Lalang ader! tryla. then send to my home as well.haa


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