Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trip to Kuching, Sarawak (December 2012)

Day 1st, we were on AA plane from LCCT to Kuching Airport. After passengers counting session, we were advice to calm down and wait patiently cuz there is engine problem. After half an hour, we were informed to leave the plane and change to the other aircraft. As on the photo above (right), our luggages were relocated as well. Yeahaa, eventually we soared on the 100th Aircraft A320 as photo above (middle).

It was not satellite or GE image. It was some scenery taken from top. Wow, the cloud looks so fluffy! SUBHANALLAH!

When reached over there, we took a coupon taxi and asked the driver went to Liwah Hotel. For those who plan trip here, may also try Arif Hotel as it is affordable and just nearby the Kuching WaterFront. We checked in, had a lunch and rest for a while. Our first stopover was the Kuching WaterFront Bazaar @ Sarawak Steamship Building.

I found the item below, it is a kind of plants I guess and not sure wat is it and people selling it for wat purpose.

Some souvenirs I bought such as bag, kain pelekat Sarawak, tshirt, fridge magnets, various key chains and Tebaloi. Tebaloi is a popular traditional snack of Sarawak. It is also known as Sago Biscuits cuz Tebaloi’s main ingredients is Sago flour. The one I bought was distributed by FAMA of Sarawak and has 3 flavors which is Original, Pandan and Cocoa flavor.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fitness : Dumbbell Exercises for Women

1. Take Light Dumbbells
Of course you are not going to take 10 lbs dumbbells if you’ve never exercised with dumbbells before. Starting dumbbells should weigh between 2 and 3 lbs.

2. The Areas Affected
Use dumbbell exercises to tone your back as well, and even your legs. You may think that’s gibberish, but it’s not. Keep reading and find out how.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seafood : Pepahat (Razor Shell)

My hosmet brought some cuisine yesterday. It was my first to taste that cookery. Hahuh, guest wat babe? Pepahat! Yezaa, not pahat but Pepahat, or certain people call it as Siput Buluh or in English we call it as Razor Shell if I’m not mistaken.

Pepahat Lala Masak Cili Padi
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