Monday, February 27, 2012


After tired hang around, my frenz suggests to drop by her residence. When reached over there, I was surprised!!

Yezza..I saw a LOBSTER in her aquarium!

I keep observing the lobster until I realized that even the lobster has sharp claws and it looks fierce and wild, but this creature has a limited vision actually (I mean poor eyesight). It cannot see if the food or victim is under them. Hence, the lobster searching or trace a things using their tiny hands/legs to get or to feel things/foods under them. Despite the poor eyesight, however, they have highly developed senses of taste and smell. Obviously, how FAIR, complete and perfect Allah’s creations. There is always advantage in every weakness.
[photo taken without flash]
Lobsters feed primarily on fish and mollusks, but will consume algae and other plant life and even other smaller lobsters. They move slowly by creeping around on the aquarium/sea floor. Dun be surprise, bcoz in times of danger, they are able to swim backwards quickly by curling and uncurling their tail.
[photo taken with flash]
FYI, lobsters grow slowly and shed their shells in order to grow (I mean lobsters change their skin). Actually we dunno the lobster will shed their shells, until we saw there are two of them. I thought it was two lobsters and my fren told me that she has only one Lobster in the aquarium. We argued and then we realized, there is only one lobster, and the other is the skin dats resemble a lobster!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

oral aid lotion

I felt exhausted for the past few days. “tooth ache”! stressful..for those who have not feel this tooth/gum/jaw ache, I wish you all will not experience it. This tooth ache means u will get the package. I say so bcoz it is not just the mouth area in pain, besides you will feel dizzy, head pain, fever, easily get angry and feel discomfort! And that’s all second things. The 1st and foremost is not able to EAT, chew and taste properly cuz has to chewing slowly and some worst scenario, can’t even chewing, so only taste and then swallow (no need to chew, so of cuz the food is soup or porridge, rite). However, supposed appreciate at least still can eat rite. Hurm, HUMAN, sometimes we disregard to be grateful and thankful to the CREATOR for all the free giving. So, the conclusion is always APPRECIATE!

I went to a clinic and the doctor given me ORAL AID LOTION. This liquid is an anaesthetic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent, which is used for mouth infections or oral lesions. It heals and relieves pain and discomfort of the gum, inner cheek, throat, tongue and ulcer on lips. It is controlled medicine; hence please do seek doctors or medical expertise advice for further usage. It really works for me and I'm getting better. Syukran ya Allah. Alhamdulillah!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Petua Mudah Merawat Penyakit (demam, selsema, sakit kepala/migrain, sakit tekak, cirit birit, sembelit)

  • Ambil makanan yang lembut seperti bubur dan banyakkan meminum air untuk menggantikan cecair badan yang hilang.
  • Rehat sebanyak yang mungkin.
  • Sejukkan dahi dan badan dengan tuala basah sehingga  demam berkurangan.
  • Basuh segenggam kacang pea dan biarkan ia kering. Panaskan tanpa minyak, kemudian letakkan kacang pea dalam cawan, tambahkan air sejuk dan biarkan untuk seketika sebelum diminum.
  • Tingkatkan pengambilan air dan rehat yang mencukupi.
  • Ambil banyak buah-buahan (atau jus) seperti  oren atau jambu batu.
  • Untuk melegakan hidung yang tersumbat, hidu bau bawang putih yang ditumbuk atau dipotong beberapa kali sehari.
  • Sup ayam juga bagus untuk melegakan selsema. Cara yang lain untuk melegakan selsema ialah dengan menumbuk halia dan mengambil 1 sudu teh jus halia. Maniskan dengan madu dan ambil 3 kali sehari untuk 4 hari.
(Ramai beranggapan bahawa 'paracetamol' merupakan ubat mujarab untuk demam dan selsema namun ia cuma untuk melegakan sahaja, 'paracetamol' juga telah dikaitkan dengan kerosakan buah pinggang untuk jangka masa yang panjang)

3-Sakit Kepala dan Migrain
  • Rebus beberapa kangkung dalam beberapa minit. Tuangkan air rebusan kangkung dalam gelas dan kemudian tambahkan secubit garam, kacau dan minum.
  • Genggam beberapa ulas bawang putih dan gosokkan pada dahi.
  • Ambil sekeping ubi kentang yang nipis dipotong dan letakkan pada dahi. Ganti dengan kepingan kentang yang lain selepas kepingan yang tadi kering.
4-Sakit tekak
  • Letakkan satu sudu teh garam dalam secawan air suam. Kemudian kumurkan dengan air itu.
  • Banyakkan meminum air bagi menggantikan cecair badan yang hilang. Garam ORT juga dapat membantu
  • Minum teh kosong tanpa gula juga boleh melegakan cirit birit
  • Elakkan pengambilan susu ketika cirit birit
(Ketika cirit birit, dinasihatkan supaya kita minum secara sedikit-sedikit daripada meminum air dengan banyak dalam satu masa, ini kerana perut kita yang kejang tidak menerima air yang banyak dalam satu masa dan akan menyebabkan kita muntah)

  • Banyakkan meminum air bagi melegakan sembelit
  • Banyakkan pengambilan serat dalam makanan, seperti pisang dan juga roti gandum penuh
[Source : iluvislam]

Recipe : Kek Batik

Sunday, February 12, 2012


For those who plan to further studies, you may apply scholarships provided to all qualified candidate. 
Study Malaysia Online is one of the most authoritative education websites in Malaysia and was launched on 1998 by the then Minister of Education.

Besides, malaysia-online-scholarship also provides a list of study scholarships/loans that applicants may interested to apply.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Salam Maulidur Rasul 1433H (12 RabiulAwal 1433H=5 Feb 2012)

Hurm, lately a bit buzy, and I noticed it has been a week past, but I still wanna wish to all Salam Maulidur Rasul in remembrance of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Bear in mind, not only on His Birthday, but every day we should remember Him, alwayz Selawat to Him.
“And We have not sent you, (0 Muhammad), except as a mercy to the worlds.” (Al-Anbiya’:107)

Wish to all muslims a happy and blessed Maulidur Rasul. Get to know our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, hence we will learn the real meaning of Islam and understand Islam is the best way of life.

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda (mafhumnya), "Sesiapa yang bersalawat ke atasku satu selawat, maka Allah merahmatinya dengan 10 rahmat".

More info (Credit to ensiklopediamuslim)

Journey UPDATES! : Desaru, Johor

My beluv Viewers,
New updates in Journey page !!
Desaru, Johor

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