Friday, February 17, 2012

oral aid lotion

I felt exhausted for the past few days. “tooth ache”! stressful..for those who have not feel this tooth/gum/jaw ache, I wish you all will not experience it. This tooth ache means u will get the package. I say so bcoz it is not just the mouth area in pain, besides you will feel dizzy, head pain, fever, easily get angry and feel discomfort! And that’s all second things. The 1st and foremost is not able to EAT, chew and taste properly cuz has to chewing slowly and some worst scenario, can’t even chewing, so only taste and then swallow (no need to chew, so of cuz the food is soup or porridge, rite). However, supposed appreciate at least still can eat rite. Hurm, HUMAN, sometimes we disregard to be grateful and thankful to the CREATOR for all the free giving. So, the conclusion is always APPRECIATE!

I went to a clinic and the doctor given me ORAL AID LOTION. This liquid is an anaesthetic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent, which is used for mouth infections or oral lesions. It heals and relieves pain and discomfort of the gum, inner cheek, throat, tongue and ulcer on lips. It is controlled medicine; hence please do seek doctors or medical expertise advice for further usage. It really works for me and I'm getting better. Syukran ya Allah. Alhamdulillah!


  1. saya pun dapat gak bnda ni time eksiden mtor. pipi dlm pcah sbb sagat tar, pastu dah bubuh rsa kebas gila.. klu utk yg skit ggi pun boleh boh gak ke

  2. kalu sakit gigi itu disebabkan gusi, blh jer guna..tapi kalu sebab gigi tu sendiri, tak pasti stated above, please do seek doctors or medical expertise advice for further usage ya..heheh


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