Friday, October 24, 2014

Day tour: Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Plz note the actual date of this day tour was on Aug 23rd, 2014.

The must captured momento
I was holding USS revolving logo
with my two fingers
We bought Air Asia air tickets two weeks before boarding to Singapore. It costs us RM207 return per pax. If you lucky, you may get cheaper than dat! We bought the USS entrance tickets from a stranger that we found in Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM). She charged RM120 per tickets and she had two tickets. We bought both from her and another two more from travel agent (RM150 per tickets). For those, you may buy from RWSonline or for cheaper rate by coupon.

We depart at 7.40 am and it took an hour from Kuala Lumpur to Changi Airport, Singapore. We ride on three variation trains from Changi to USS and it took more or less an hour. We ride on skytrain from Changi Airport arrival hall to T2 (Terminal 2). The skytrain operates from 5am till 2.30am. [Tip1: During non-operating hours, they provided free shuttle bus service at T1 Departure Hall Door 5 (near row 14)].

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekend Escaped: Kuala Lumpur to Kedah (Jitra-Baling-Alor Setar)

Plz note the actual date of this weekend escape was on 6-8 Jun 2014.

It has been a while i didn’t visit Kedah. I remember the last time went there was on September 2013 in Langkawi.

We took a bus from UTC KL to Jitra at 11.30 pm on 6 Jun (Friday). The journey took about 5 to 6 hours and Pancaran Matahari bus was our selection. It was double decker bus and the best thing was the bus has a plug pin in each seat except for the middle seats.

Next morning we turned up at Jitra bus station (nearby Petronas) and were picked up by our fwen. We had nasi lemak ayam berempah as our breakfast at Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang, a restaurant nearby. The visit to Kedah presently cuz we plan to attend my bestfwen wedding on 7 Jun (Saturday) at Baling. One thing I luv to share here was the journey to the wedding ceremony. It took almost 1.5 hours from Jitra to Baling. From Baling town to the bride’s house, we have to drive along a narrow path surrounded by forests and estates ambiance in the left and right side of the pathway. It was a bit creepy once we passed by rubber estate and the graveyard. Alhamdulillah, we almost reached at the wedding ceremony. We parked the car and walked through some hilly slopes. Yeyyz we arrived at the wedding ceremony eventually.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Itinerary 4D 3N (Pekan Baru, Riau – Bukit Tinggi – Padang, West Sumatera)

Day 1st (Pekan Baru)
Sultan Syarif Qasim 11 International Airport-Masjid Al-Fithrah-Masjid Bangkinang Islamic Centre-Danau Buatan PLTA Kota Panjang

Masjid Agung An-Nur / Masjid Raya-Balai Adat Melayu Riau (Jln Diponegoro)-Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin, Seni dan Budaya Pekan Baru-Pusat Kerajinan Songket Melayu
Shop: Pasar Bawah (Mall Pekan Baru)
Meal: Ikan baung pondok asam pedas baung (depan rumah sakit awal bros)-Ikan patin HM Yunus (Daerah Simpang3)-Pondok ikan bakar bandar hidup 9

Day 2nd (Bukit Tinggi)
Pandai Sikek (weaving and wood carving)-Surau Nagari Lubuk Bauk-Pagaruyung Palace-Silindung Bulan Palace-Extraordinary spiral coconut tree-Graveyard of previous ruler-The written stone (batu bersurat)-Pondok Flora (lunch restaurant/perform solat)-Tabek Patah (local homemade pisang salai and traditional coffee milling)-Jam Gadang-Pasar Atas

Budgets 4D 3N (Pekan Baru, Riau – Bukit Tinggi – Padang, West Sumatera)

The expenses stated here was for 2pax. We can’t recall cost for the item no 11, 12, 14 and some souvenirs. Thanks to Baiz cuz she helped much to keep in mind all these cost. The Supir (driver): item #3 below, contact no +6281363385879 (Aldy).

Plz note transaction for item written in green was made in MYR (Ringgit) while other items was made in IDR (Rupiah). Plz click the image to enlarge and clearer figure.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Doa Harian di Bulan Ramadhan (Hari ke-15 dan 16)

Indonesia: Bukit Tinggi-Padang, West Sumatera (Day 4th)

After had breakfast and checked out, we went to Minangkabau Documentation Center (PDIKM=Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau) at Padang Panjang. Locals marked this center as Minang Villages. This center such a museum and the best place for those needs to acquire informations and histories of Minangkabau tribe. Not to worry cuz beside the books and replicas, there is an officer may help you clarify and explain any queries. Plus, visitors may rent the Minang apparel here as well.

The city of Padang Panjang is located at the foot of Mount Tandikat. Mount Tandikat has historical volcano activities and it is a twin volcano with Mount Singgalang. According to locals, the final eruption was on 1924 and uncertain on the next eruption. Some locals had climbed up this mountain and share their experiences at the crater and the peak.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doa Harian di Bulan Ramadhan (Hari ke-13 dan 14)

Indonesia: Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera (Day 3rd)

After breakfast, we visited Taman Panorama Lubang Jepang (Japanese Tunnel Panorama Park) juz nearby our hotel [Entrance fees IDR10k (RM3) for 2pax (expense9)]. Visitors may go through the tunnel by map stated on the wall at the tunnel entrance or with assistance of the local guide. Normally the local guide charged RM5 per pax if tour group, however only both of us so the local guide charged us RM10 per pax and we paid RM20 for 2 pax (expense10). The guide accepted both IDR and MYR currency.

This tunnel was built as Japanese bunker by Indonesians under forced labour (as slave) by Japanese military in 1942 till 1945. Inside this tunnel, there are area to store ammunition, meeting rooms, prison, torture room, the Romusha (forced labourer) dining room, kitchen, surveillance room, ambush room, and the escape gate. When walking along the tunnel, it was cold ambiance, quiet, creepy and sorrowing surrounding.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Indonesia: Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera (Day 2nd)

As for breakfast, the hotel café served us with fried rice, toast, coffee and tea. Im not a coffee lover, however I chose hot coffee cuz the fresh original coffee powder calling me! Yes, the Indonesian hot coffee was nice!

At 8.30am, Pak Yas meet up us at lobby and we enjoyed some of surrounding and scenery all the way to next venue. Before proceed further, we stopover at Sulaman Linduang Bulan to check out their latest design of embroidery and I was looking for cotton telekung.

Doa Harian di Bulan Ramadhan (Hari ke-3 dan 4)

Doa Harian di Bulan Ramadhan (Hari ke-1 dan 2)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Indonesia: Pekan Baru, Riau - Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera (Day 1st)

We arrived at Pekan Baru (PKU) and we meet up with Pak Yas (Supir) and his son at Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport. Supir payment IDR2.2k (RM627) including Avanza new car, petrol, parking, driver fees and tipping (expense3). On the way to our next venue, we heard adzan of Zohor and we drop by Masjid Al-Fithrah to perform solat jamak and qasar. Hurm, at this Masjid no curtain or border between men and women area. Maybe this Masjid still in construction phase or the culture here perhaps. Here, ‘alas kaki’ is not a doormate; however it is referred to shoes.

All the way we saw some marriage ceremonies on our left and right side along the road. Besides, we passed by State Islamic University Riau. We saw lots of pineapples were sold along the road of Rimbo Panjang area. Locals made as pineapple crackers and they produce jackfruit chips as well. I never taste both crackers and first time I saw those.

Indonesia: Pekan Baru (Riau)-Bukit Tinggi-Padang (West Sumatera)

Sumatera, Indonesia time = UTC +7
Indonesia currency = IDR (Rupiah)
Currency rate = 0.0285 (e.g IDR1k = RM0.285)
Language = Indonesian

Plz note actual date went to Riau-West Sumatera was on 11-14 May 2014. The expenses stated here was for 2 pax.

As most of my previous journeys were arranged by travel agent, however this time we did it by ourselves from ticket, hotel, meal and itinerary. Hence, for the first time I depict myself as a traveler instead of tourist. Not so called traveler as we rent a car together with the driver (locals called driver as Supir). We booked AirAsia air tickets a few months earlier and cost us RM236 returned for both (expense1). We were advised to reach KLIA2 earlier cuz it was newly air terminal which was officially opened recently on 9 May 2014 and some area still ongoing construction.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Muslim’s Guide to Traveling

The concept of travel as a means for spiritual growth, contemplation and learning as well as a means for societal progress has been important throughout Islamic tradition and history. It is clear from the accounts of Muslim geographers who mapped the globe; students who ventured far and wide to study with scholars; astronomers, linguists, scientists and emissaries that embarked on voyages around the world, as well as from the sunnah (tradition) of the Prophet ﷺ and the following Qur’anic ayah (verse):

“Say, [O Muhammad], ‘Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation…” (29:20)

Actions are judged by intentions, so the first step toward getting the most out of your trip is to make the sincere intention to travel for the sake of Allah (swt), for every step you take along the way to be a step closer to Him. You can start by reciting the du`a’ (supplication):

Allahumma aftahli abwaaba rahmatika - O Allah, open the doors of your mercy to me.

As with everything in Islam, travel has a higher purpose. This purification of intention will insha’Allah (God willing) facilitate the productivity and maximize the gain from the trip, both in this life and the next, so taking some time out to order your thoughts and prayers is essential.

While traveling, praise Allah (swt). Be grateful for the opportunities He has afforded you, seek Him everywhere you look, call out to Him and He will respond. During a moment of nighttime stillness, stand in awe of He who placed the stars there for you to see. When meeting people on your travels, remember that they are in their own right blessed works of His creation and that you can learn something from every single one of those souls He has put in your path.

Open your mind. We are an ummah (community) rife with racism and cultural prejudices and superiority complexes. Adopt the fundamental Muslim attitude that no human is better than another except according to his piety, captured in the verse:

“O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another…” (49:13)

Air Race Putrajaya 2014

Air Race was held at Putrajaya Lake Precint 6 on 17-18 May 2014. It was new experience to witnesses the airplanes compete each other, manoeuvre skills and speed live on sky. Air racing is a motorsport engages airplanes competing over a fixed course and first time ever, Malaysia has been chosen to host the Air Race 2014. Air race is well-known due to fastest and most exhilarating motorsport with a combination of speed, low altitude and extreme manoeuvrability performed by excellent pilots.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

South Korea: Other Moments

On the way balik dari Seoul Central Masjid, aku jumpa bunga kaler putih ni. Kebetulan ada pakcik korea lalu kat situ, aku tanya dia ni bunga apa and siap suh dia eja skali nama bunga tu, malangnya aku terlupa pe nama bunga tu. Best part kat MrKebab tu cuz dondurma (turkish icecream) and kitowg dah berangan kununs kat Istanbul la. Dondurma merupakan aiskrim yang mengandungi bahan seperti susu, gula, salep dan mastic. Oleh sebab itu, dondurma tidak seperti aiskrim biasa kerana bersifat agak elastic dan agak lambat untuk cair. Plus, sebelum nk beli aiskrim tu ader trick bagai oleh penjual.

Kami sempat snap gambo kincir angin (wind turbine) modern, but gambo tak clear sangat cuz jawuh n bus bergerak. Then yang tu kincir angin (windmill) traditional kami snap kat Everland.

South Korea: Gyeongbok Palace-National Folk Museum Korea-Blue House (Day 5th)

Hari ni hari terakhir kami di South Korea. Jung, Ray, Frank, Mickey akan berpisah dengan kami. Ok jangan sedih dulu, kiter pegi melawat museum dulu. Aku beli fridge magnet dan stamp sebagai cenderahati.

Next kami went to palace and dekat je dengan museum. Aku tak pasti waktunya, tapi geng aku sempat nengok 'Guard Changing Ceremony' at this palace. Aku tak sempat le cuz masa tu sebok beli souvenir kat museum. Penjaga Istana yang pakai baju biru tu adalah manusia okey. Kami mula2 ingat patung tiba2 nampak dia kelip2 mata.

Friday, April 25, 2014

South Korea: Seoul-Seoul Central Masjid-Itaewon (Day 4th)

After having our breakfast at Taj Palace, we stopover at Korean Ginseng. As per briefing, the best ginseng to harvest is on year 6. Sng je nak kenal pokok tu dah baper tahun. Kiter nengok kat tangkai daun. Tahun pertama, akan ada 2 hingga 5 daun. Tahun kedua, 10 daun. Tahun ketiga, 15 daun. Tahun keempat, 20 daun. Tahun kelima, 25 daun. Tahun keenam, 30 daun dan pokok ginseng ini yang akan diambil akarnya untuk dijadikan herba dan makanan tambahan. Otw balik aku jmp korean melon and fresh strawberry. Later we went to IBC Cosmetic. Terdapat pelbagai jenama cosmetic dan penjagaan kulit dijual di sini termasuklah barangan faceshop and leaders. Note: Sila hati-hati cuz terdapat facemask dari sumber babi dijual di sini (tak ingat brand apa).

Kami solat di Seoul Central Masjid di Itaewon. Menurut sumber, pada tahun 1962, kerajaan Malaysia telah menawarkan geran US$ 33,000 untuk sebuah masjid yang akan dibina di Seoul. Walau bagaimanapun, rancangan tersebut terbantut akibat inflasi. Minat terhadap Islam mula meningkat hanya bermula pada sekitar 1970-an ketika hubungan ekonomi Korea Selatan dengan banyak negara Timur Tengah menjadi ketara. Sebahagian orang Korea yang bekerja di Arab Saudi telah memeluk Islam; apabila mereka menyempurnakan tempoh kerja masing-masing dan pulang ke Korea, mereka memperkukuhkan bilangan orang Islam asli. Masjid Pusat Seoul akhirnya dibina di kejiranan Itaewon, Seoul pada tahun 1976. Hari ini terdapat juga masjid di Busan, Anyang, Gwangju, Jeonju and Daegu.

South Korea: Kimchi-Hanbok-Icheon Farm-Everland Resort (Day 3rd)

We went through selfmade kimchi by well-informed tutor. Kimchi adalah kobis/sayuran yang dijerukkan dan rasa kimchi adalah spicy dan sour. Terdapat pelbagai jenis kimchi seperti kimchi lobak putih (radish kimchi atau katugi) dan kimchi sotong. Namun yang paling popular adalah kimchi kobis. Aku dipahamkan kobis yang digunakan di kilang kimchi ini diperolehi dari kawasan pergunungan dan lobak putih pula dari area jeju. Antara bahan yang digunakan adalah garam dan serbuk lada. Blh order nk kimchi yang jenis mcmn and mereka akan bungkus siap hantar terus kat Incheon Airport.

Seterusnya kami ke aktiviti mencuba pakaian traditional korea iaitu Hanbok. Amboi masing-masing macam puteri dan putera korea zaman dynasty dulu *perasan* hehee.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

South Korea: Mount Seorak-TeddyBear Museum-Daepohang Fish Market-Vivaldi Park (Day 2nd)

Kami checked out and continued d journey to Mount Seorak. Mount Seorak adalah puncak tertinggi dari rangkaian pergunungan Taebaek, terletak di wilayah Gangwon. Mount Seorak adalah gunung ke-3 tertinggi di Korea Selatan setelah Mount Halla di Pulau Jeju dan Mount Jiri di Gyeongsang Selatan. Yeyy best cuz dapat pijak pegang salji.

Seoraksan (seorak=salji san=gunung)
Kami nek cable car to kwonkeum castle. Di sana kami nk hiking sampai atas, however Jung advise us not to due to the track/trail has been covered by snow. Kami degil nek gak, tapi pat nek half je le tak sampai atas pun cuz kasut kami tak sesuai. Masa nk balik ke bus, kami jumpa chestnut. Best sebab dapat nengok kulit luar dia yg bulu-bulu tu. First time aku tengok. Slalu nengok tinggal nak makan je.

South Korea: Incheon-Nami Island-Seorak Sun Valley (Day 1st)

Plz note the actual week went to South Korea was on 22-26 Mar 2014.

South Korea time = GMT +9
South Korea currency = KRW (Won)
Currency rate = 3.2 (e.g 1000 = RM3.2), abaikan 3zero kat belakang kiwe 1 = 3.2 sng kiwe
Language = Korean

Kami berlepas dari LCCT pukul 1.00am. KembaraSufi merupakan travel agent kami. Before boarding, we were briefed by Faiz yang merupakan wakil dari KembaraSufi. Faiz menerangkan in rural area of South Korea, kami akan makan di restaurant seafood ataw vegetarian meal cuz sukar/takde kedai makan daging halal. Kami nek AirAsia X, takde LCD nk tgk movie and aku tak aware yang agent kami tak order meal onboard. Kalu nk meal onboard kena request kat agent lebih awal. So, aku pun order je dlm flite itu dia nasi goreng (RM14 kot) dan air mineral (RM4).

Setibanya kami di Incheon International Airport, tour guide kami dah tunggu dengan siap bawak board “KembaraSufi”. Aku ingat orang Malaysia yg bawak jenjalan ngn handle tour kat Korea ni. Rupenye dia sub/jv kat Korean gaks. Ow begitu. Total pax adalah lebihkureng 65orang yang dibahagikan kepada 2 bus. Kami dalam grup KembaraSufi BusNo1 (Jung & Ray). Lagi satu grup KembaraSufi BusNo2 (Frank & Mickey). Inilah scenery sepanjang perjalanan antara airport dan destinasi seterusnya.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10 Meals of Sunnah

1. Rasulullah SAW didn't drink milk while he ate beef, chicken or fish
Nabi Muhammad SAW once cautioned his companions as not to mix fish and milk in a dish. This fact is actually proven by science where it was found that chicken contains positive ions while seafood or fish contains negative ions. When these two ions meet, they will create a biochemical reaction whih can lead to stomach pain or ulcers. 

2. Rasulullah SAW forbided drinking milk with vinegar
Vinegar is acidic and slows down the rate of protein absorption in the intestines. Body growth can be stunt because of lack of protein

Europe Getaway: Stopover Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Day 8th)

Kami amik flite pagi cuz nk sightseeing Abu Dhabi. Selamat tinggal Manchester, Gudbye UK sedih. Before boarding, kami nengok ada pekerja yang sedang basuh ke defrost ke ntah pe dia wat kat sayap bahagian kami. Tapi bahagian sebelah dia tak wat puns. Dah nk mendarat di Abu Dhabi, kami dapat saksikan sunset. SubhanAllah.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Europe Getaway: Manchester (Day 7th)

Pagi ni aku hangout dengan adik aku. Adik aku prepare breakfast roti dan salami. Salami ni lebih kuweng macam sosej tapi dia besar dari ukuran normal sosej and diameter salami lebih kuweng 4 cm. Selain itu, ada sarapan wheatgerm bread and scramble eggs. Aku tolong makan je.

Then kami pegi ASDA nek bus 2 tingkat. Kat sini bus 2tingkat digunakan untuk short transit. Kalu kat MY bus 2 tingkat ni untuk long distance / express bus je. Petang tu kami pegi Sainsbury‘s and kat situ kami beli pyrex. Malam ni malam terakhir kami di Man and we had a dinner at Al-Jazeera.

Europe Getaway: Stonehenge, Wiltshire (Day 6th)

Cuz time constrain, we didn’t manage go to London. Ow sad! Tapi takpe la cuz aku dah bear in mind awal lagi cuz getaway kali ni ada family matters sket nk settle kat sini bukannya melancong ataw bercuti. Kalu nk pegi London, tak dapat pegi Stonehenge. So aku chose Stonehenge. Takpe la London nnti aku pegi skali ngn Paris hingga ke Switzerland dan Belgium. In shaa Allah.

Setelah parked the car, kami menuju ke kaunter tiket. Kat area kaunter tiket ni, ada skali kemudahan termasuklah toilet, info center, café dan souvenirs shop. Harga ticket adalah seperti yang tertera pada board diatas (gambar kiri). Ticket including shuttle bus, brochure and audio device yang menjelaskan tentang Stonehenge dengan lebih lanjut. Salah seorang pekerja EnglishHeritage Stonehenge menyambut kami. Walaupun tua, tetap comel!

Kami dialu-alukan menaiki shuttle bus. Selain shuttle bus, ada juga visitors yang memilih untuk berjalan menuju ke tapak Stonehenge. Best juga cuz sejuk je and kalu bertuah dapat lihat sekumpulan kambing biri-biri berbulu putih gebu.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Europe Getaway: Man United-MCFC-Masjid E-hidayah (Day 5th)

Today we hangout central city kami pegi area The Shakespeare, Debenhams and Manchester Arndale. Poundland itu dia kebanyakkan barang dalam tu 1pound gile best. Ader tram station kat area outlet Debenhams tu.

Europe Getaway: Bangor, North Wales (Day 4th)

Previous >> Europe Getaway: Birm-York (Day 2nd-3rd)

Aku jenjalan di sekitar Brideoak Street di Manchester. Layan la some architecture dan panoramic di sekitar Brideoak Street ek. Aku nk gerak jawuh lagi then bawu igt kami tak bawak passport cuz tadi kami plan nk jenjalan dekat je.

Kami sempat la melawat Khizra Masjid yang terletak di persimpangan jalan antara Brideoak street dan Cheetham Hill Road. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Europe Getaway: Birm-York (Day 2nd-3rd)

Hari kedua dan ketiga kami ke Birmingham dan York untuk selesaikan hal kami. Sepanjang perjalanan, kami lihat banyak ladang pertanian dan juga ladang ternakan haiwan seperti kambing biri-biri. Kami teabreak dan solat di hentian rehat lebuh raya (motorway services) Woodall WelcomeBreak. Ow kami note ader gak kincir angin (wind turbine) di kiri dan kanan jalan.

Europe Getaway: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia - Abu Dhabi (AUH) UAE - Manchester (MAN) United Kingdom

Actual getaway was on 25th January till 2nd February 2014.

Plz note dun expect too much cuz the getaway due to family matterz instead of leisure vacation.

Aku tak plan nak g Eropah. Takat Asia aku on. Ntah tiba2 sum1 invited me cuz ader hal sket nk settle kat sana. Mula2 aku malas nk pegi sbb dia plan nk g on end of Jan 2014 which is winter kat sana. So tak best sebab sejuk gile ngn waktu siang lebih pendek. So tak pat travel sgt kan. Lagipun dia bgtaw aku dalam tempoh tak sampai sebulan dari tarikh plan to depart. So tiket last minute sure mahal tu. So aku tak mo la kan.

Europe Getaway: Manchester (Day 1st)

Jeng3, ntah mcmn aku agreed plak. Alhamdulillah rezeki. We bought the tickets less than a month to depart. Memang keje gile wei tak de proper planning. We chose Etihad Airways and it cost us almost RM4k return per pax. Moments above was captured at KLIA surrounding before we ride on Aerotrain straight to departure hall. Masa tu bz nk celebrate CNY 2014 (Horse Year).

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