Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 3rd)

Day 3rd (Monday)
SubhanAllah the sunrise vista was amazing. Sunrise and view taken from our room at 25th floor. We plan to Ice Dome on today, however had to call off due to renovation in progress for new year celebration.

We had breakfast at Salma and savored nasi lemak ayam special. Alhamdulillah, the yolk was yellow.

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 2nd)

Day 2nd (Sunday)
We went to Kim Yong Market, had breakfast (Paprik Fried Rice + Fried Egg) and shopping over there. Some called the place Bazaar Plaza if I’m not mistaken. Hurm, the same bag and shoes my fwenz bought yesterday, was sold over here and the price is cheaper even before less! So, after haggling, the price reduce some more. Sad upset cuz the fella brought us to the expensive outlet in the first place!

The yolk is red-orange color and I didn’t consume it!

After tired shopping, we had a lunch at Sami Kitchen. Our menus mix vegess, squids+prawns fried with scramble eggs, spicy soy sauce chicken, seabass with lime sauce and tomyum soup. Alhamdulillah, eiim. Plz note ‘eiim’ is a Thais word which means kenyang=full.

Next, we stopover at Masjid Jamek Wilayah Songkhla to perform Solat. Locals name this Masjid as TajMahal Thai cuz the deco from outside looks similar to the actual TajMahal India. There is mobile hawker sold drink and snacks at the parking lot. I went to the Masjid Minimart and bought crispy fried Salmon with hot&spicy and BBQ flavor.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 1st)

Pre-journey (Friday Nite)
Beriban tunai di tangan, gile ah!
We headed off by bus from Kuala Lumpur around 10.00pm and reached Thailand approximately 9.00am (Malaysia time) which is 8.00am (Thailand time). Meaning we slept dat nite on the bus ok.
Thai time = GMT +7
Thai currency = TB (Thai Baht) TB100 more or less RM10
Language = Thai (fewer Thai people speaks English fluently)
Thai = meaning smile

Day 1st (Saturday)
We drop by Masjid in Changlun area to perform our Subuh prayer before we continued the journey to Bukit Kayu Hitam. We had twice checked in 1st at Bukit Kayu Hitam Imi and 2nd Sadao Imi. Hassle free at BKH Imi however at Sadao Imi we had a long queue cuz each person had to take photo inside. Plus we tired and hungry then get angry and remain silent.
Suasana di Kastam BKH
Amik ko tak paham tulis mende?
After everything was fine, we went for breakfast at Sadao area. I ate pulut ayam (glutinous rice + fried chicken) as I was told pulut ayam is one of ‘the must try meal’ in Thailand. According to locals, most of Sadao community engages with rubber tapping and agricultural.
Pulut Ayam = TB40

sila #DERMAKILAT mangsa banjir di Kuantan

sila #DERMAKILAT mangsa banjir di Kuantan
salurkan derma anda ke
CIMB 14220000956101


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jaunt to Melaka: Mahkota Hotel

As to celebrate my little brother graduation day, we spent 2D 1N at Mahkota Hotel and Apartment which situated in the middle of Melaka town and nearby the straits of Melaka. When reached over there, my nephews excited to play in the swimming pool while we observe taming sari revolving tower and Melaka Straits from our apartment.

At night, we dine in PakPutra Restaurant and we went for naan bread. I chose kashmiri naan with cheese which has chunky almonds, cashew nuts and raisins inside the naan bread. We added other meal such butter chicken and spicy bombay cuz tandoori chicken has been sold out.

Cara membuat belacan (selfmade shrimp paste)

1-Pilih udang geragau (udang belacan) yang segar.
2-Asingkan anak-anak ikan dan bendasing, pastikan hanya udang geragau halus yang sama spesis.
3-Basuh bersih udang tersebut dan toskan.
4-Letakkan garam dengan banyak dan biarkan seketika.
5-Kemudian perah airnya menggunakan tuala bersih.
6-Kemudian jemur tengah panas.
7-Bila separuh kering, tumbuk atau kisar halus.
8-Kemudian kepulkan buat seperti cucur badak.
9-Jemur lagi sehingga kering.
10-Setelah kering, bolehlah disimpan dalam peti sejuk.
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