Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 3rd)

Day 3rd (Monday)
SubhanAllah the sunrise vista was amazing. Sunrise and view taken from our room at 25th floor. We plan to Ice Dome on today, however had to call off due to renovation in progress for new year celebration.

We had breakfast at Salma and savored nasi lemak ayam special. Alhamdulillah, the yolk was yellow.

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 2nd)

Day 2nd (Sunday)
We went to Kim Yong Market, had breakfast (Paprik Fried Rice + Fried Egg) and shopping over there. Some called the place Bazaar Plaza if I’m not mistaken. Hurm, the same bag and shoes my fwenz bought yesterday, was sold over here and the price is cheaper even before less! So, after haggling, the price reduce some more. Sad upset cuz the fella brought us to the expensive outlet in the first place!

The yolk is red-orange color and I didn’t consume it!

After tired shopping, we had a lunch at Sami Kitchen. Our menus mix vegess, squids+prawns fried with scramble eggs, spicy soy sauce chicken, seabass with lime sauce and tomyum soup. Alhamdulillah, eiim. Plz note ‘eiim’ is a Thais word which means kenyang=full.

Next, we stopover at Masjid Jamek Wilayah Songkhla to perform Solat. Locals name this Masjid as TajMahal Thai cuz the deco from outside looks similar to the actual TajMahal India. There is mobile hawker sold drink and snacks at the parking lot. I went to the Masjid Minimart and bought crispy fried Salmon with hot&spicy and BBQ flavor.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 1st)

Pre-journey (Friday Nite)
Beriban tunai di tangan, gile ah!
We headed off by bus from Kuala Lumpur around 10.00pm and reached Thailand approximately 9.00am (Malaysia time) which is 8.00am (Thailand time). Meaning we slept dat nite on the bus ok.
Thai time = GMT +7
Thai currency = TB (Thai Baht) TB100 more or less RM10
Language = Thai (fewer Thai people speaks English fluently)
Thai = meaning smile

Day 1st (Saturday)
We drop by Masjid in Changlun area to perform our Subuh prayer before we continued the journey to Bukit Kayu Hitam. We had twice checked in 1st at Bukit Kayu Hitam Imi and 2nd Sadao Imi. Hassle free at BKH Imi however at Sadao Imi we had a long queue cuz each person had to take photo inside. Plus we tired and hungry then get angry and remain silent.
Suasana di Kastam BKH
Amik ko tak paham tulis mende?
After everything was fine, we went for breakfast at Sadao area. I ate pulut ayam (glutinous rice + fried chicken) as I was told pulut ayam is one of ‘the must try meal’ in Thailand. According to locals, most of Sadao community engages with rubber tapping and agricultural.
Pulut Ayam = TB40

sila #DERMAKILAT mangsa banjir di Kuantan

sila #DERMAKILAT mangsa banjir di Kuantan
salurkan derma anda ke
CIMB 14220000956101


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jaunt to Melaka: Mahkota Hotel

As to celebrate my little brother graduation day, we spent 2D 1N at Mahkota Hotel and Apartment which situated in the middle of Melaka town and nearby the straits of Melaka. When reached over there, my nephews excited to play in the swimming pool while we observe taming sari revolving tower and Melaka Straits from our apartment.

At night, we dine in PakPutra Restaurant and we went for naan bread. I chose kashmiri naan with cheese which has chunky almonds, cashew nuts and raisins inside the naan bread. We added other meal such butter chicken and spicy bombay cuz tandoori chicken has been sold out.

Cara membuat belacan (selfmade shrimp paste)

1-Pilih udang geragau (udang belacan) yang segar.
2-Asingkan anak-anak ikan dan bendasing, pastikan hanya udang geragau halus yang sama spesis.
3-Basuh bersih udang tersebut dan toskan.
4-Letakkan garam dengan banyak dan biarkan seketika.
5-Kemudian perah airnya menggunakan tuala bersih.
6-Kemudian jemur tengah panas.
7-Bila separuh kering, tumbuk atau kisar halus.
8-Kemudian kepulkan buat seperti cucur badak.
9-Jemur lagi sehingga kering.
10-Setelah kering, bolehlah disimpan dalam peti sejuk.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day tour: Cameron Highlands, Pahang (October 2013)

As I dun have a superb driving skill, I looked for a day tour service package and I found wegowithanuar. Superb driving skills is very important cuz the road to Cameron Highlands is hilly pathway, curvy slopes and winding road, plus we went there on weekend which is heavy traffic than normal day, plus raining and drizzly. Our tour member is Me, Ainee (my fwen), Jo (Australian tourist) and Balan (tour guide). 3 main towns in Cameron Highlands are Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang.

Before kept on to our next break, we went to Lata Iskandar WaterFall and trekked up through the trail provided. This waterfall is a source for local people to get water supply. Some unique souvenir such as wooden slingshot, angklung, tongkat ali and many more. Some local fruits/veges such as durian, petai, abu and others.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1435 (We only live TWICE)

Salam Maal Hijrah 1435
Semoga kite semua berhijrah kepada yang lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya.
Dimudahkan segala urusan di dunia dan akhirat. 

Source: youtube

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Resepi: Sambal Kacang

200g kacang tanah
15-20 tangkai cili kering
2 sudu besar udang kering
8 ulas bawang merah
4 ulas bawang putih
½ inci belacan
2 sudu makan kerisik
2 sudu makan gula merah
2 sudu teh gula pasir
5 cawan air
Sedikit air asam jawa
Minyak masak

Resepi: Cornflakes Crunchy

Persediaan:30 minit Bakar:12minit Suhu ketuhar:175deg C, 350deg F

105 g mentega
½ cawan gula
1 butir kuning telur
¾ cawan tepung naik sendiri
¼ cawan tepung gandum
¾ cawan kismis
Empingan jagung (dihancur kasar/diramas sedikit)

Putar mentega dan gula sehingga kembang dan ringan. Masukkan kuning telur dan pukul. Ayak bahan-bahan kering dan adun hingga sebati. Masukkan kismis.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trip to Langkawi Island, Kedah (September 2013)

Day 1st, our flight was delayed and we landed Langkawi Island behind schedule. From Langkawi airport, we took a coupon taxi to our lodging at Kuah town and it cost us RM25 per trip. I suggest for those who plan to Langkawi Island by flight, and wanna go to many places around the island, better to get a rental car/motorcycle as it is the most cost-effective cuz the chargers only RM170 for 3days, and you probably may get lower than dat price. Plus, we may choose the car type that comfy with us.

We checked in Riverra Inn at kuah town. We chose this accomodation as it calm and serene. As previous we did stayed at Chenang, and it was lively. The above photos were the countryside taken over there and our dinner, spicy seafood tomyam, salted fish kailan, turmeric chic, succulent crunchy squid and special bistik egg. The 24 hours mini mart and the restaurant just a few step from the lodging.

Book : Mencari Doa yang Makbul

Penulis : Ustaz Abdul Rahman Mohamed

Penerbit : Kharisma Network Sdn Bhd

Harga :
Semenanjung RM 16.00*
Sabah/Sarawak RM 18.50*

Buku ini cukup menarik kerana menyatakan perihal doa secara lanjut. Antara yang menarik dalam buku tersebut adalah topik “Bolehkah Doa Merubah Takdir?”. Disini saya akan coretkan sedikit mengenainya. Nak tahu lebih lanjut, sila beli buku ni ek.

Walaupun sesuatu itu telah ditetapkan dan mengikut apa yang dikehendakiNya (takdir), namun demikian Allah SWT juga berkuasa merubah takdir itu.

Firman Allah SWT :
“Allah akan memadam apa yang Dia kehendaki dan Dia akan kekalkan (apa yang Dia kehendaki), dan di sisiNyalah ada Kitab Induk (kitab catatan segala sesuatu).” (Ar-Ra’ad:39)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recipe: Popia Rolls

2pcs spring onions, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Cabbage, cut into fine strips
Carrot, cut into thin strips
300g minced chicken
1-2 pcs potato, cut into small dice
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon whitepepper
>< 20 popia wrapper
1 egg, beaten


Rawatan perubatan dengan menggunakan biji, bunga, batang, daun dan akar buah delima banyak digunakan oleh perubatan moden dan traditional. Antara penyakit-penyakit yang boleh dirawat dengannya adalah seperti berikut:-

1. Cirit birit
Kulit buah diambil dalam sekitar 20 gram dan tiga gram bunga cengkih atau kayu manis lalu direbus dalam air 250 ml. Ketika air itu sejuk, pesakit perlu minum 30 hingga 40 ml air sebanyak tiga kali sehari selama beberapa hari.

2. Suara serak
Rebus 20 gram kulit buah dan dua hingga tiga gram tawas dalam 250 ml air. Kemudian gunakan air ini untuk berkumur.

3. Sakit telinga
Campur sedikit madu dengan satu sudu teh jus buah delima. Campuran dipanaskan dan dititis dua hingga tiga titik ke dalam telinga supaya sakit telinga hilang.

4. Mata kabur
Isi jus delima segar diletakkan di dalam botol kecil di bawah sinar matahari. Jus ini akan menebal dalam beberapa hari. Lalu  jus disapukan pada mata.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kebaikan Stokin Berjari (Toe Socks)

Saya dulu tak kesah langsung pasal ToeSox ni. Yerla stokin berjari. Uish, tak cantik la. Lucu. Hahaa. Tapi skung, I am the user of ToeSox! Guna utk kebaikan, peduli la orang nk gelak ke aper kat saya, yang penting selesa. Tapi macam susah nak cari outlet yang jual ToeSox ni. Kalu ader pun, it is a bit pricy compare to common socks (bag socks). ToeSox has the length varies from ankle-top to knee-high, just as other ordinary socks.

Hurm, on this en3, I would like to share on benefits of ToeSox :

Lelaki Boleh, Perempuan Tak Boleh?

"Tak aci! Lelaki boleh. Perempuan tak boleh," keluh seorang remaja puteri apabila dinasihati ibunya agar tidak memakai baju berlengan pendek ketika keluar rumah.

"Mana adil! Orang perempuan boleh enjoy duduk rumah," rungut hati seorang remaja lelaki apabila ayahnya mengajak ke masjid.

Adakah lelaki dan perempuan sama?


Ada yang sama. Ada yang berbeza. Bukan sama secara mutlak. Bukan juga berbeza secara mutlak.

Antara aspek yang sama ialah dari segi nilai kemanusian. Kedua-dua lelaki dan perempuan adalah manusia. Perlu dilayan sebagai seorang manusia.  Bukan dipandang seperti syaitan yang hanya ada keburukan. Atau dipandang seperti malaikat yang perlu sempurna dan tiada dosa.

Seterusnya aspek bertanggung jawab terhadap dosa dan pahala sendiri, sama sahaja antara lelaki dan perempuan. Lelaki yang mencuri perlu dihukum. Begitu juga perempuan yang mencuri. Perempuan yang berzina perlu dihukum. Begitu juga lelaki yang berzina. Kedua-dua lelaki dan perempuan akan balik berjumpa Allah dan disoal amalan masing-masing. Bukan lelaki sahaja yang akan disoal. Bukan juga perempuan sahaja yang akan disumbat ke neraka.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Resepi Pucuk Ubi Lemak Tempoyak

Book : 21 Tip Bagi Yang Sukar Solat Subuh

Masa saya lunch di UTC KL, saya dan kawan-kawan drop by @ Kedai Buku 1Malaysia. Saya beli buku ni dengan harga RM12.60 je. Harga asal seperti tertera dibawah. Huh, buku ni best taw, memberi kite semua tips agar mudah nak bangun Solat Subuh! Jom baca.

Antara tips yang dikemukakan :

1-Tidur lebih awal
2-Bersungguh-sungguh dalam bersuci & berzikir sebelum tidur
3-Tekad untuk bangun Solat Subuh
4-Berzikir kepada Allah SWT ketika bangun
5-Minta bantuan keluarga/orang soleh untuk bangun solat

Penulis :
Syaikh Muhammad Shalih Al-Munajjid
Syaikh Murid Al-Kullab

Dinner @ Steamboat & Grill Pantai Dalam

There is a new eatery and as usual for buffet newbies, there is owez Promotion! Yez. My fwen and I heading to the restaurant after Maghrib. We forgot the restaurant name. Enjoy the photo below. 

Petua Warisan : Garam

1-Gunakan 3 jari, iaitu ibu jari, jari telunjuk dan jari tengah untuk mencubit garam. Ianya akan membantu makanan tahan lebih lama.

2-Letak sedikit beras ke dalam garam untuk mengelakkan garam menjadi lembap dan cepat rosak.

Credit to adabi

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kegunaan Pandan (Pandanus adorus)

Daun Pandan yang dibuat bentuk bunga Rose! style kot.
Mungkin ada yang tak ambil peduli kegunaan pandan ni. Oleh itu, aku nk highlight sket pasal pandan. Aku suggest tanam je kat umah dari beli. Berbaloi taw. Kalu beli kat kedai, 50 sen seikat kecik tu, ader 3-4 helai je. Kdg2 dapat tak berapa nk segar lak tu. Oleh itu, jom la tanam pandan. Jangan bagi alasan susah nk tanam ek, sbb tanam dalam pasu pun blh je. Then, pandan ni senang hidup taw, iaitu pakai anak pokok ataw akar je!

Daun pandan berbau wangi sesuai dijadikan perasa makanan, pewarna dan pewangi. Selain itu, juga dijadikan kulit makanan seperti kueh tako dan tepung pelita. 

Day Out @ Puteri Harbour, NusaJaya

Nothing to do, we hang around Puteri Harbour Theme Park. Inside has Sanrio Town, Lat's Place and Little Big Club. Hurm, below some photos we did captured.

Maybe for next visit, we will dine in Lat's Place. yummiez!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wifehood and Motherhood are Not the Only Ways to Paradise

“Why are you majoring in that field?” I asked a sister in college. She sighed, “To be honest, I just want to get married. I don’t really care about what I’m studying right now. I’m just waiting to get hitched so I can be a wife and a mother.”

“It’s awesome that she wants to be a wife and a mother, but why would she put her life on hold?” I wondered. Why would a skilled, passionate young woman create barriers to striving for self-improvement and her ability to be socially transformative when she doesn’t yet have the responsibilities of wifehood or motherhood? Being a wife and a mom are great blessings, but before it actually happens, why exchange tangible opportunities, just waiting for marriage to simply come along—if it came along? I didn’t have to look far to find out.

“I’m already twenty-six,” another sister lamented. “I’m expired. My parents are going crazy. They think I’m never going to get married and they pressure me about it daily. My mom’s friends keep calling her and telling her I’m not getting any younger. She keeps crying over it and says she’ll never be a grandma. It’s not like I don’t want to get married; I’ve been ready since college! I just can’t find the right guy,” she cried.

Why, as a general community, are we not putting the same pressure on women to encourage them to continue to seek Islamic knowledge? Higher education? To make objectives in their lives which will carry over and aid them in their future familial lives, if such is what is meant for them? Perhaps it’s because we’re obsessed with the idea that women need to get married and become mothers and that if they don’t, they have not reached true success.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Resepi Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa

1 ekor ikan Siakap saiz sederhana
3 biji bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
2 senduk cili kisar
Nenas dipotong segitiga kecil
Tomato dipotong dadu
Sedikit sos tamato
Sedikit air asam
Sedikit garam

Basuh Siakap yang telah disiang dengan perahan limau kasturi atau limau purut dan biarkan seketika. Setelah beberapa minit, basuh dan toskan ikan tersebut sebelum digoreng.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Keistimewaan Wanita Islam

(photo source : google images)
8 March is an International Women's Day? Iye ek? tak penah perasan pun aku. Hurm, tak kesah la tu. So, sempena Hari Wanita Sedunia dan sempena Hari Jumaat yang penuh berkat ni, aku nak berkongsi sket mengenai Wanita. 

Kepada yang dikurniakan Allah sebagai seorang wanita, bersyukurlah kamu ye. Jangan asik mengeluh yang perempuan ni leceh la, bagai la. Ok, renungilah coretan selanjutnya, yang aku baca tadi kat iluvislam :

Sebagaian wanita mengeluh kerana mereka perlu hidup sebagai seorang wanita, seperti yang kita lihat dialog di bawah. Mereka seolah-olah mempersoalkan ketentuan Allah SWT terhadap mereka. 

"Aduh, situ tutup, sini tutup. Susah la gini. Apasal laki-laki mudah saja. Tak pakai baju pun takpe. Perempuan auratnya lagi banyak."

"Kenapa la kita para isteri ni nak keluar kena minta izin dari suami kita, padahal suami kita nak keluar kemana-mana pun tak bagitau kita takpe pulak."

"Jika kita ikut faraid dalam hal pusaka, rugilah kita. Sebab bahagian harta pusaka perempuan lagi sedikit berbanding harta yang anak lelaki dapat. Kami mahu keadilan!"

"Kenapa Allah jadikan wanita mengandung dan rasa sakitnya nak melahirkan anak. Suami kita rileks saja? Masa buat anak carilah kita, masa nak beranak kita tanggung sendiri!"

"Islam kata kita perempuan wajib taat pada suami, tapi ada islam cakap suami perlu taat pada isterinya? Mana keadilan pada kaum hawa?"

"Bila nak cerai je, suami yang boleh jatuhkan talak. Kenapa isteri tak bolek ceraikan suaminya? Kenapa?"

"Wanita takleh nak beribadat macam lelaki, sebab bila kita ada haid dan nifas, takleh nak solat dan puasa. Ingat perempuan ni suka ke tak solat dan puasa?"

Dan kemudian datanglah pertubuhan dan organisasi yang membela kaum wanita, dan menuntut hak sama rata antara jantina, mengekploitasi fahaman wanita yang terjejas akidahnya dek kerana disogok pertanyaan.

Kaum lelaki pula cakap, "Ah, mujur aku ni lelaki!"


Istigfarlah pada wanita yang ada perasaan seperti di atas. Cuba renungi jawapan-jawapan di bawah.

"Cik adik, Islam lah yang mengangkat aurat wanita. Benda yang mahal harganya akan dijaga dan dibelai serta disimpan di tempat yang teraman dan terbaik. Awak ada emas dan permata, adakah awak nak letak terdedah ditepi laluan lalu lalang atau disimpan di rumah agar tiada siapa melihat perhiasan itu?

Ok, jika awak letakkan perhiasan tadi di kalangan orang, agaknya apa akan terjadi dengan barang perhiasan tadi? Lelaki, yang utama hanyalah bawah pusat ke lutut tapi awak?

Saya tidak dapat melihat kulit anda pun kecuali muka dan tangan! Awak tak mungkin akan terangsang nafsu tengok saya hanya berseluar pendek ke lutut? Jangankan saya, tapi tok imam akan tercabut serbannya jika tengok awak hanya pakai seluar pendek!"

"Ok, isteri perlu taat pada suami. Jadi, lelaki apa? Suami perlu wajib taat juga kepada ibunya tiga kali lebih utama dari ayahnya, walaupun dia sudah berkeluarga. Isteri tidak perlu lagi, taatnya hanya pada suami. Kenapa awak perlu taat pada suami? Kerana suami kalian lah yang menanggung dosa yang kalian lakukan!"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Resepi Nasi Goreng Sempoii

Serving : 4-5 orang

3 cawan nasi, Sawi dipotong kecil, Broccoli dipotong, Ayam dipotong kecil, 2 biji telur digoreng hancur, 5 ulas bawang merah kecil, 2 ulas bawang putih, Ikan bilis ditumbuk lumat, 7 pcs cili api, Sedikit garam.

Hot Chocolate @ TuttiFrutti

Hot Choc for only RM5! @ TuttiFrutti Froyo. Besides, may savor Coffee Roasters and Tea Special Blend. Enjoyz.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Outing to Melaka (November 2012)

This trip was on last Nov 2012, yehuu but I have time to post this en3 on today. It is not too late is it? The trip was family vacation and we stayed @ Emerald City Straits Apartment.

We went to Wild Life Theatre Melaka in the morning. This theatre presents stage show of sea lions, colorful soaring birds, various reptiles, and the unique tribes of tropical rainforest of Sarawak in a thrilling show. Ticket price is RM20 per adult and RM15 for senior citizen/children.

Before we went back, we did captured photo together with the theatre crews as our reminiscence over there.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Petua / Cara Merawat Rabun (Quran, 50:22, Carrot, Pinhole Spec)

Salam semua. Semoga kiter semua sentiasa dirahmati Allah SWT. Amin.

Entry kali ni aku nak berkongsi mengenai Petua ataw Cara Merawat Rabun! Terdapat pelbagai cara, tetapi kaedah yang ingin aku kongsikan adalah seperti berikut :

1-Ayat Qur'an
Amalkan surah ke 50 iaitu Surah Qaf, ayat 22

Amalkan selawat Syifa’ dan sapu pada mata
Video source : youtube

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