Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getaway Philippines: Cebu-Oslob-Ginatilan-Malabuyoc-Badian (Cebu Island 4D 3N)

Plz note actual date went to Cebu Island was on 6-9 Dec 2014. The expenses stated here was for 2 pax.

Cebu, Philippines time = UTC +8
Philippines currency = PHP (Philippine Peso)
Currency rate = 0.086 (e.g PHP1k = RM86)
Language = Cebuano / Tagalog (Mostly can speak in English)

Our planning was 2 days at Cebu and the remaining 2 days at Bohol. However, we cannot proceed to Bohol cuz the OceanJet FastFerry closed their operation due to Hagupit typhoon hit Philippines one day before we departed. As this was beyond our control, hence we executed the travel in Cebu Island ONLY!

Getaway Philippines: Lapu-Lapu City-Cebu-Oslob (Day 1st)

We reached Mactan-Cebu International Airport located at Lapu-Lapu City around 3.00pm (Budget1: RM1130 for 2pax flight inclusive of 2way ticket, meal one way and 20kg baggages each ways).

There was no prayer room provided at this airport, hence we performed solah at unoccupied and clean space in the airport. Later, we bought traveler local sim card by Globe telco (Budget2: PHP400 (≈RM34.40) per simpack) and took a metered taxi to South Bus Terminal (Budget3: PHP450 (≈RM38.70) per taxi). The taxi is Toyota Vios white or yellow colored. Driver’s seat is on left side of the vehicles which is differ from MY.

Not to worry cuz there were many buses went to Oslob such as Ceres and Sunrays bus. Some were direct to Oslob and some were to Bato via Oslob. We took an air-con ceres bus (yellow color) and the journey took about 3 hours from South Bus Terminal to Oslob (Budget4: PHP288 (≈RM24.77) per 2pax).

Oslob is situated in the south east of Cebu Island. We arrived at Oslob around 7.00pm and the ambiance was dark such as 8.30pm in Malaysia. Fortunately, the bus drop-off us in Oslob small town nearby market, eatery and groceries shop. Our accommodation was juz a minute walk from the drop-off. We meet up with Mrs Merlinda at Oslob New Village Lodge to get our key room (Budget5: RM100.84 per room for 2D 1N, we booked via The lodge as above and sometimes the wifi service is unstable. Note: Due to call off to Bohol, we extended a night more and added PHP1000. A total day stayed in Oslob is 3D 2N.

We aware it was hard to obtain halal food in Oslob area. Hence, we already prepared a bunch of sweets, chocolates, bread and biscuit to make sure we revive and not starving. For tonight, we had eaten Brahim’s instant food which we bring from our hometown. Now, I miss Malaysia so much! I was craving to eat Steamed Pandan Rice with Marinated Herb Chicken and yearning to taste chicken soup, sambal belacan and 3 flavor fish!

According to Mrs Merlinda, The Whale Shark Watching was closed since three days ago due to Hagupit Typhoon which hit on yesterday (Dec 5, 2014). We disappointed cuz tomorrow (Day 2nd) we planned to go there. FYI, some of public transport here are Jeepneys, Trishaw-bikes and Habal ride (motorbike-taxis).

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