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Getaway Philippines: Cuartel, Baluarte, Heritage Park, TumalogFalls, Oslob - Town, Ginatilan - Mainit Springs, Malabuyoc - KawasanFalls, Badian (Day 2nd)

Plz note actual date went to Cebu Island was on 6-9 Dec 2014. The expenses stated here was for 2 pax.

Our accommodation: Oslob New Village Lodge

After had breakfast, we hang out at the Heritage Park nearby. On the way to the Park, we passed by Oslob’s oldest church. Adjacent to the church was Cuartel: The Ruin of Oslob, it is incomplete structure that was built to be a barracks for Spanish soldiers in Spanish occupation.

As per understanding, Cuartel structure was made of coral stones and still unfinished until the arrival of the Americans.

We walked ahead to visit Baluarte (Spanish for watchtower) of Oslob which was built in 1788. As informed by locals, it was the defense fortress amongst others 6 watchtowers along the coastline of Oslob.

Heritage Park

On the way back to the lodging, we managed to come around groceries shop nearby to buy drinking water.

The Whale Shark Site still closed due to typhoon effect and bad weather. Hence we changed plan and visited waterfalls. As informed by Mrs Merlinda, she uncertain about the visit to waterfalls due to landslide occurred. She confirmed with her husband; Uncle Gilmore and auspiciously he nodded that we can go! We were glad cuz at least we were going to some places for today. Uncle Gilmore had given us a ride. Yeah three of us in one motorcycle as stated in photo above! Plus without helmet ohhh!

Our first spot was Tumalog Falls and once reached, we disappointed cuz it was closed as informed by Mrs Merlinda. However, we tagged along Uncle Gilmore and we walked aside of the entrance bar. We excited cuz we were inside and heading to the waterfalls. It took about 15 minutes walk from the entrance to the waterfalls. After went through the hilly pathway, climb up and sneak down a steep slopes, ravine on our right side and landslide on our left side, eventually we saw the breathtaking waterfalls!

I didn’t manage to get a word to depict the magnificent of Tumalog Falls. It was turquoise crystal clear water, wide, high and it was not easy to capture the whole picture of the waterfalls. We may sit, stand or lying down on the bamboo raft while having a reviving “shower massage” under the falling water. I was not sure the bamboo raft was rented or FOC. Hehee, we noticed Uncle Gilmore was excited snapped picture such he was a traveler as well.

I enjoyed Tumalog Falls more than I thought I would. We ended up stayed longer than we had planned earlier for juz a few minutes dropby. Entrance to the falls is PHP20 per pax (Budget6: PHP40 (≈RM3.44) per 2pax) and if you need the trishaw-motorbike or habal ride, it cost PHP50 to go down and PHP30 to go up back to the entrance. Non-locals are not allowed to drive their vehicles to the waterfalls, only the local habal drivers are allowed to go beyond the entrance bar to the waterfalls.

Before proceed to our next stop, we took a break at Ginatilan town.

I managed to capture the seascape nearby and l was told one of best place here is Inambakan Falls. Locals call the waterfalls as Ginatilan’s hidden treasure due to untouched by the modernities of life and still remain in great nature ambiance. We didn’t go there cuz I wasn’t aware of it and we proceed to Kawasan Falls, Badian.

We kept on to Mainit Springs located in Mainit, Malabuyoc. Mainit Springs is rich with sulfuric water which may relieve exhaustion and best to soothe the body. We went through some of gravel road and a muddy pathway before reached the entrance of Mainit Springs.

Unfortunately, it was closed due to mud slide and locals informed us it was hazardous for us to get inside. (Note: Mainit means “hot” in Cebuano language). Budget7: Entrance PHP20, Parking car PHP20 motorbike PHP10.

Next, we visited Kawasan Falls situated at Badian. Entrance fees Budget8: PHP20 (≈RM1.72) per entry and local guide fees PHP300 (≈RM25.8). Kawasan Falls has three levels of waterfalls. Before we reached at the first level, we went through a crushed stones effected by 2013 typhoon, cement bridge, wooden bridge and a dam.

The first level is the largest of the three and usually the most crowded. Some activities available here such as rent a bamboo raft to the middle of the falls or for a refreshing “shower massage” under the falling water. Life vests are also available for rent.

After 15 minutes climbed up, we reached to the second falls.

Huts and tables were available for rent, and we noticed there were small cottages for those interested to stay overnight. We didn’t manage to the third level cuz as advised by our local guide there was a land slides plus it was raining suddenly.

Above is the route map for today roadtrip from Oslob to Badian. Badian is bounded on the north by MoalBoal. Panagsama Beach & Pescador Island is a famous dive spot in Moalboal.

Plz note scenery above was captured while riding a bike (without stopping) fortunately it was clear and not so blurry.

On the way back, we ride on alternative routes started from Ginatilan to Oslob. We went up peak expectantly to see spectacular sceneries and regrettably, it was drizzling, cloudy and the fog covered the magnificent landscapes. Budget 9: PHP1000 (≈RM86) habal ride inclusive of motorcycle, driver, petrol, parking, driver fees and tipping. Plz note PHP1000 is exclude the entrance fees.

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