Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Version of MyKad

National Registration Department (NRD) will issue the new MyKad starting from 3rd Jan 2012 in stages. The new and latest security features as stated below :

1-The new MyKad have a laser-engraved image of its owner imprinted on top left of the normal photograph.
2-The Prime Minister’s Office Building picture can be seen in the background of the card when it is placed under UV light.
3-It has a tamper-proof 80k chip (previous is 64k) and the new chip quality is better than the previous one.
4-The card was made using tougher polycarbonate with stronger adhesive on the cover.
5-Other non-visible new features such as art screen, line width modulation, background screens and patterns, variable microprint, Ultraviolet (UV) pre-printed guilloche pattern, UV pre-printed multicolour and UV pre-printed image.
[Photo source : Effendy Rashid for ]

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