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Discovered Sumatra: Banda Aceh, Bakso Ancol ADS, Friendship Village of Indonesia and Tiongkok China, Tebing Lamreh Ujung Kelindu, Pantai Pasir Putih (LhokMe Beach), Dhapu Kupi, Pusaka Souvenir (Day 1st)

Plz note actual date discovered Aceh and We Island (Sabang) was on 23-26 May, 2015.

Sumatra, Indonesia
Time = UTC/GMT +7
Currency = IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
Currency rate = 0.0283 (e.g IDR1k = RM0.283, ≈ 0.30 sen senang kire)
Language = Indonesian (Aceh has their own mother tongue: Atjeh)

Pada May2014, iaitu setahun lalu aku ke Sumatra, area Pekan Baru, Riau dan Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera. May2015 kali ni aku nk kongsikan pengalaman aku ke Aceh dan Pulau Weh (Sabang). Aceh suatu ketika dulu pernah dilanda gempa bumi 9.0 skala Richter dan diikuti bencana Tsunami pada 26 Dec, 2004, iaitu hampir 11 tahun yang lalu. Banda Aceh is located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island and Pulau Weh merupakan sebuah pulau yang menarik untuk aktiviti snorkeling dan selam scuba cuz ikan ngan coral kat situ so breathtaking.

We bought AirAsia flite ticket (return) on promo and we managed to get RM85.80 per pax. While checked-in, we added up luggages and Indonesia airport departure tax (bag+tax=RM52 per pax). Total payment for flite was RM137.80 per pax. We departed at 1315 from KLIA2 and reached Sultan IskandarMuda Airport (BTJ) at 1345 (Indonesia time). The journey took about 1.5 hours by airplane.

We were welcomed by Sani (Instagram: ucok_silampung), our local guide whom we booked earlier and we came across him from Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM). He welcomed us to our transport, Avanza MPV and we were served with Coffee Brownies Aceh and mineral water as welcome meal. Total payment for Ground Package 4D3N Aceh-Sabang was RM390.00 per pax, inclusive of car, petrol, driver, local guide, slow ferry, fast ferry, accommodation for 3 nights, entrance fees, parking and snorkeling package (boat, snorkel guide, snorkel equipment, underwater camera). Package was excluding meals and souvenirs. The price package was due to 5 of us, if more/less than 5pax, the price will be reduce/higher a bit.

We had a lunch at Bakso Ancol ADS (Asli Daging Sapi) and we savored Mi Bakso, Siomay, Bakso Tahu and juices.

Siomay was such as ‘Malaysia Rojak Asma’, which has fried bean curd (tahu), potatoes, boiled egg, fried dumplings, cucumber, salad and etc and eaten together with ‘kuah kacang’ (blended peanut gravy). The difference was here they added together ‘Bakso’ (Indonesian meetballs) inside this meal. That is the unique of Siomay.

One of sole juice here was made from ‘terung belanda’ (tamarillo), which the crossed section was looked like tomatoes as picture above (left).

While heading to hotel, we managed to drop by at Friendship Village of Indonesia and Tiongkok, China, located at Neuheun, Mesjid Raya area. The village commonly known as ‘Jackie Chan Village’ due to he help to contribute a donation to build the village for Tsunami victims and he did paid a visit here.

After freshened up and performed solah at hotel, we proceed to Tebing Lamreh Ujung Kelindu, still at Mesjid Raya area. It was adventurous journey cuz it was located in remote area. Asphalt road wasn’t provided along the way to the cliff; hence we tagged along the available trail.

Our guide paid IDR10k to some guy before we went up further. Unfortunately, the Avanza MPV can’t go up due to stucked at slope and a pile of earth.

So, we walked up while Wahyu (our driver) changed route to the other pathway. While waiting the driver looking for accessible trail, we enjoyed the amazing landscape over there.

Before reached, our guide paid IDR20k to another guy we meet up at next farm. According to Sani (our local guide), we paid them cuz we went through their private land and farms.

After drove along the hilly pathway, went up and down the steep slopes and went through inaccessible trail, finally we reached at Ujung Kelindu Tebing Lamreh.

Picture taken by Sani (our local guide)
The magnificent of the countryside and the seascape made us forgot our exhaustion while went through the adventurous journey juz now.

On the right side (photo above) is LhokMe Beach (Pantai Pasir Putih) and we moved ahead to the left side.

We walked down and climb up till we found the middle cliff. You see them over there, that was our beginning before we reached here.

I was told the cliff was a fortress on previously

After hiked up and trekked down the hilly trail, finally we reached at the end of the sea cliff (I believed). We saw some of the traveler were preparing the tent while others juz unwind with the breathtaking countryside. One of best moments here was we saw 3 guys were fishing down there! (as photo above).

The landscape above was taken while leaving Ujung Kelindu, which was on the way returned to the main road.

It was dusk when we reached LhokMe Beach (Pantai Pasir Putih). Before it gets dark, we managed to capture the breathtaking seascape at the seashore of the beach.

We sat on the wooden bench, having fresh coconut drink while enjoying the fresh breeze. A lot of huts were selling meals and drinks along the beach, Surau and toilet was provided as well.

We didn’t managed go to Hotspring due to the site not allowed women to join at night. Hence, we had a dinner at Dhapu Kupi 24 hours. I munched Nasi Ayam Penyet and enjoying the fresh hot coffee. Other delicacies served there were as picture above (left).

Before went back to hotel, we dropped by Pusaka Souvenir juz nearby our hotel. Later, we hang around the shoplot along the road.

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