Monday, February 27, 2012


After tired hang around, my frenz suggests to drop by her residence. When reached over there, I was surprised!!

Yezza..I saw a LOBSTER in her aquarium!

I keep observing the lobster until I realized that even the lobster has sharp claws and it looks fierce and wild, but this creature has a limited vision actually (I mean poor eyesight). It cannot see if the food or victim is under them. Hence, the lobster searching or trace a things using their tiny hands/legs to get or to feel things/foods under them. Despite the poor eyesight, however, they have highly developed senses of taste and smell. Obviously, how FAIR, complete and perfect Allah’s creations. There is always advantage in every weakness.
[photo taken without flash]
Lobsters feed primarily on fish and mollusks, but will consume algae and other plant life and even other smaller lobsters. They move slowly by creeping around on the aquarium/sea floor. Dun be surprise, bcoz in times of danger, they are able to swim backwards quickly by curling and uncurling their tail.
[photo taken with flash]
FYI, lobsters grow slowly and shed their shells in order to grow (I mean lobsters change their skin). Actually we dunno the lobster will shed their shells, until we saw there are two of them. I thought it was two lobsters and my fren told me that she has only one Lobster in the aquarium. We argued and then we realized, there is only one lobster, and the other is the skin dats resemble a lobster!

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