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Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 1st)

Pre-journey (Friday Nite)
Beriban tunai di tangan, gile ah!
We headed off by bus from Kuala Lumpur around 10.00pm and reached Thailand approximately 9.00am (Malaysia time) which is 8.00am (Thailand time). Meaning we slept dat nite on the bus ok.
Thai time = GMT +7
Thai currency = TB (Thai Baht) TB100 more or less RM10
Language = Thai (fewer Thai people speaks English fluently)
Thai = meaning smile

Day 1st (Saturday)
We drop by Masjid in Changlun area to perform our Subuh prayer before we continued the journey to Bukit Kayu Hitam. We had twice checked in 1st at Bukit Kayu Hitam Imi and 2nd Sadao Imi. Hassle free at BKH Imi however at Sadao Imi we had a long queue cuz each person had to take photo inside. Plus we tired and hungry then get angry and remain silent.
Suasana di Kastam BKH
Amik ko tak paham tulis mende?
After everything was fine, we went for breakfast at Sadao area. I ate pulut ayam (glutinous rice + fried chicken) as I was told pulut ayam is one of ‘the must try meal’ in Thailand. According to locals, most of Sadao community engages with rubber tapping and agricultural.
Pulut Ayam = TB40

Then we kept on the journey to Nora Plaza, Songkhla which I was informed Nora Plaza has leather items such as bags and shoes. Cuz this was the 1st place to shop, some of our fwens keenly buying and I just dun get it why they were so excited! I have no comment for the leather quality. As for me I prefer to buy bags and shoes in Kuala Lumpur cuz my personal view is you may drop by here but dun eagerly to buy cuz the price still higher even after 20% less. I say so cuz dat nite and the nex day, I hang around and found out other places was cheaper and more varieties.
Tak pasti ape tu tapi mungkin kulit or isi kering ekor buaya yang mungkin ader khasiat mengikut kepercayaan masyarakat tempatan di sini

I was interested to buy some shoes. However, I felt doubtful cuz I noticed the shoes had pinhole design, as I am aware it was a pig skin! Im not sure but I prefer to ignore those than I buy it. To Muslim tour, please note and aware on this matter!
Contoh struktur kulit babi

Then we went to Ranu to buy some peanuts and tomyam paste. (Note: I dunno the real name of the outlet but I heard people called the place as Ranu). Beside tom yum paste, I bought 3 types of koh-kae peanuts which are original, BBQ and thai tom yum spicy flavor. What? The electricity cables along the road in Thailand as below. Scarry!
Tengok kabel lektrik diowang

We had our lunch at Tamrab Muslim Restaurant and I went for Kerabu Fried Rice.
Tak paham tgk menu, sib bek ader bahasa

Looks unstable is it? Lucky the hotel’s toilet was not the same as below.
Tak jd buang air la
Rasa sempat tahan la kowt

After dat, we checked in TheRegency Hotel and we managed to get room at Level 25. Wow so high huh? Aahuhh feel good cuz I was very comfort with the restroom. Yey!!
Bilik lengkap dengan peti ais dan peti keselamatan

After took a shower and rest for a while, we went to Klong Hae Floating Market Hatyai Songkhla. I was informed the real floating market is in Bangkok which we had a sell-buy dealing on the boat itself. However here, we picked the item we wanna buy and put money in the basket provided, and then the seller took the money and placed our chosen item in the basket. Meaning the seller on the boat while buyer was on the land.

I bought some jeans, tshirts, blouse, cardigan and many more. Bear in mind to haggle okey. Not to worry cuz Surau, tuk-tuk and toilet were provided over there.
Coconut drink + claymug = TB30

Before midnite, we hang around our hotel and found out it was lively. Enjoy some photo taken over there. Our hotel is nearby Lee Garden Plaza, Grand Plaza, McD and many more I do not remember. Please note McD here is non-halal.
Diowang dah wat deco nk celeb Hari Natal
Tengok udang galah, ketam, ayam ngn pisang kaki kering (dried persimmon) pun ader.

Lepas dibakar sotong kering, akan digelek guna mesin dan terhasil sotong gilis
Paling best sebab dari pilih sotong sampai siap dibungkus kite dapat tengok tu.

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