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Rambler of Cambodia: Siem Reap-Tonle Sap Lake Tour, Masjid Ar-Rafee’ah Tonle Sap, Muslim Family Kitchen Restaurant (Day 3rd)

Plz note actual date went to Cambodia was on 12-16 February, 2015 (5D 4N).

After checked out, Dahlan sent us to transport agency which he bought the ticket to Siem Reap. The agency was juz a few minutes ride from our lodging. We took a Golden Bayon Express van and roughly 5 hours journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. While on the way, we managed to captured Cambodian cyclo as above.

The van dropped by at petrol kiosk in Skun area to fueling the van, and for passengers went to a restroom, grabbed some snacks, stretching muscles and rest for a while.

After a few hours drove, the van stopped at Krong Stueng Saen area to have a lunch. There was a stalls, restaurants, shoplots and nearby Kampong Thom Market.

Along the journey, we went through road constructions, dusty road, shabby pathway and I still remembered at Stoung area, a herd of cow acrossed the road suddenly, and fortunately our driver managed to control the van.

We reached Siem Reap around 1.30 pm local time and were welcomed by Salim, the tuk-tuk driver we had booked earlier. We requested him sent us to Blossoming Romduol Logde located at Psar Kroung Street, Svay Dangkum Siem Reap. Amongst the services available at the lodge were free fish spa, rooftop bar, wifi services and unwind in the hammocks.

After checked in and freshened up, we dine in Muslim Family Kitchen Restaurant located roughly 4 minutes ride from the lodge. I decided to savor Seafood Fried Rice.

We occupied our evening by visited the Tonle Sap Lake Tour approximately 20 minutes tuk-tuk ride from the restaurant. It cost us USD15 per pax and the lake water is beige color (not crystal clear) and sometimes smelly.

The unique phenomenon about the lake is the area of the lake changes according to the dry season and monsoon. Denotation, the flow changes direction twice a year based on both seasons. During the dry season (Nov-May), Tonle Sap Lake receded into Mekong River; however during raining season (Jun-Oct), the lake is filled by water flowing from the Mekong River and enlarged the lake surfaces.

Throughout the Tonle Sap Lake Tour, we managed to go round the floating villages, stilt houses, minimart, school and the life style relatively such as sea-gypsy (bajau laut) at Sabah and floating villages at Vietnam and Thailand. The Tonlé Sap naturally carries away thousands of fish and sea creatures due to the dropped in the water level of the lake.

Before returned back to the main wharf, the boat took a break at mini dock of Chong Khneas. Chong Khneas is the famous floating village at the edge of the lake. We planned to watch a sunset on the top of the dock; unfortunately, it didn’t appear due to cloudy climate. Above was the pictures taken from the mini dock.

The floating community earns a living by catching fish and most of their livelihood is sustained by the sea. The Tonle Sap Great Lake was recognized as a protected area under UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1997.

We passed by Masjid Ar-Rafee’ah Tonle Sap, Siem Reap. The masjid has 3 small domes and the Madrasah (Muslim school) juz beside the masjid. The masjid was situated nearby paddy fields and Muslim villages. The people living there were very warm and nice.

We had a dinner at Muslim Family Kitchen Restaurant and found out “daging lembu naik bukit” (beef climbing a hill) culinary and we dun have any idea what was it. Once we saw the cookware they utilized to cook the meal, we discovered how they stated that name of the meal. It was basically thin slices of marinated beef which was cooked in special cookware. The cookware was designed with upturned wok with small pit built in the wok. The sliced beef was cooked together with butter, pepper, salt and added some vegetables including carrots, cabbages, long beans and green capsicum.

Rambler of Cambodia:
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