Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday in HatYai-Songkhla, Thailand (Day 2nd)

Day 2nd (Sunday)
We went to Kim Yong Market, had breakfast (Paprik Fried Rice + Fried Egg) and shopping over there. Some called the place Bazaar Plaza if I’m not mistaken. Hurm, the same bag and shoes my fwenz bought yesterday, was sold over here and the price is cheaper even before less! So, after haggling, the price reduce some more. Sad upset cuz the fella brought us to the expensive outlet in the first place!

The yolk is red-orange color and I didn’t consume it!

After tired shopping, we had a lunch at Sami Kitchen. Our menus mix vegess, squids+prawns fried with scramble eggs, spicy soy sauce chicken, seabass with lime sauce and tomyum soup. Alhamdulillah, eiim. Plz note ‘eiim’ is a Thais word which means kenyang=full.

Next, we stopover at Masjid Jamek Wilayah Songkhla to perform Solat. Locals name this Masjid as TajMahal Thai cuz the deco from outside looks similar to the actual TajMahal India. There is mobile hawker sold drink and snacks at the parking lot. I went to the Masjid Minimart and bought crispy fried Salmon with hot&spicy and BBQ flavor.

Afterward, went to Chang Puak Camp Hatyai to experience the elephant ride (TB500 per ride). On earlier era, only the king had authorization to ride on the elephant. Others activities over there were ATV ride, riffle shooting and a few more.

Subsequently, we headed to Tang Kuan Hill Lift (TB30 per entry). The lift exactly like normal lift but the difference was the lift was not in vertical position and the cable railing was 45 degrees. Hence we were ride on a slanting lift. Enjoy the countryside taken from top of the hill.

We tasted coconut ice cream @ TB30 (and get fwee coconut drink)

The Great Serpent Nag was our next break. The remarkable was the head of the dragon was here, the body was located near the road up to Tang Kuan Hill and the tail nearby Samila Beach. The nag (dragon) is a symbol of happiness and a good fortune. I didn’t take photo for the body and the tail as we just passed by the places.

The dragon’s eggs? I wonder when will hatch.

At Samila Beach, after the cat and mouse monument, keep walking or driving along the beach will find the bronze mermaid. Before returned to hotel, we dine in restaurant at Muslim Village area. I went for chicken soup with white rice and it cost me TB70.

At nite we had supper at Hamid and we munched chicken cheese burger and buiw juice.

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