Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rambler of Cambodia: Siem Reap-Madrasah Qamaruddin Al-Islamiah, Masjid An-NaekMah, Artisans Angkor Silk Farm, Siem Reap Airport (Day 5th)

Plz note actual date went to Cambodia was on 12-16 February, 2015 (5D 4N).

Before went to airport, we managed to dropped by Madrasah Qamaruddin Al-Islamiah located at Kg Stengmai, Siem Reap juz a few minutes ride from our lodging. We were informed the school has 2 teachers and 2 classrooms.

Beside cash donations, any contributions or gifts such as stationaries, books, kitabs, Qur’an and tafsir were valued and beneficial for the childrens. The madrasah was a gift by Sieng Nam on 2002 as stated at the outside wall of the madrasah.

The kids recited Al-Fatihah as to greet us.

Ustaz with the interior of the Masjid
Masjid An-NaekMah Siem Reap is in front of the Madrasah, and we were welcomed by Ustaz. As informed by him, the masjid was built in 1980’s (he did mention the year but I can't recall, if not mistaken 1980’s something) and enhanced periodically till to date.

Salim (our tuk-tuk driver) suggested went to Artisans Angkor Silk Farm located at Pouk district. No entrance fees however we were recommended to give a penny to the tour guide as a token of appreciation for the guided.

We were given free briefing and free guided tour regarding the process of the finest silk making. It started from the mulberry cultivation, silkworm farming, cocoon unwinding, silk threads grading, dyeing the silk threads using ikat technique and natural color taken from fruits, silk weaving and final product.

I wish to buy the silk purse; sadly I have insufficient dollars and no more riel currencies. Hence, we juz enjoyin the window shopping only. I didn’t prepare budget for d item cuz I wasn’t aware dat we will visit this place.

A free shuttle bus to the Angkor Silk Farm departs daily from Artisans Angkor main showroom at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Booking may be done directly in the shop.

On the way to airport, Salim delighted us with sugar cane juice and some local fruit they named it ‘buah susu’ (milk fruit). The fruit is green-purple color at the outer layer and the pulp is soft. I believed they named it milk fruits cuz the fruit has a white sap. Hence, cautious of the white sap while eating the fruits, cuz once sticked to your hand or cloths, it was not easy to get rid of.  

Souvenirs: Shawl, Cambodian silk stole, textiles, jeans, tshirts, fridge magnets.


  1. Assalamualaikum.
    Saya bercadang utk melawat madrasah ini minggu depan, apa pendapat saudari, barang kerpeluan yg masih tidak cukup utk para pelajar di sekolah ini? Terima kasih :)

  2. Alat tulis, buku tulis, muqaddam (ataw iqra' pun boleh), quran ( ataw yang lengkap dengan tafsir). Pakaian juga mungkin membantu.


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