Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Runaway: Army Museum, Port Dickson

Plz note actual date went to Army Museum was on 20 Dec 2014.

We managed to drop by The Army Museum (Muzium Tentera Darat) before went back to KL. We didn’t aware about this museum and knew it via AAC website stated in ‘around PD’ item. The Army Museum is located next to the Malaysian Army Camp, Si Rusa. FYI, Port Dickson was officially declared as army town in 2009.

There were aircrafts welcoming us once we went through the entrance gate (free admission).  We walked ahead and witnessed a memorial of fallen heroes. Our heroes laid down their lives to safeguard our nation and to retain the sovereignty of our beloved country.

There was a time capsule located at the entrance of museum and it was locked since 2008, and will be opened on March 1, 2033. Visitors are welcome to contribute any amount through the donation box provided. The donations will be used to maintain and enhance the museum periodically.

Outside area: fighter aircrafts, canons, tanks, locomotives were displayed.

Indoor museum: the history of Malaysian Army from the era of Malacca Sultanate, Portuguese, British Colonial and Japanese Eras until the present Malaysian Army. It was exhibited in separate rooms by each era.

Above is the cockpit exhibit in the corridor of the museum. Moreover, there was a Communist Tunnel and some building still in advancement phase.

Armoured vehicles

Portuguese ship

Above were some of the artifacts exhibited such (counterclockwise from upper right): jet’s steering, british water bottle, 50cal bullets, jet’s seat belt lock, metal helmet, cannon and cannon balls. At mini army park, we experienced a canopy walk which was a suspension bridge made of thick rope and wooden board. It looked easy to go through, however once I reached in the middle of the bridge, I felt it quite challenging for me.  

The way of the museum presenting and exhibiting all the info were very attractive and inspiring, such I didn’t aware that I was at a museum. I enjoyed so much and recommended everyone to drop by!

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  1. That Awesome..!!! i will make sure that i will visit this place.. even me did not know about this museum :P


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