Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kidney Run 2012

I was so excited to join the Kidney Run which was held this morning (4th Mar 2012) and I have been prepared poster for the theme run as well. I was excited bcoz this is my 1st Run for Year 2012 and already imagined that I win my finisher’s medal and I am running with my poster attached to deliver the theme message as a awareness campaign to has a healthy kidney & donate Kidney for Life.

 [dry-fit Brooks t-shirt for runners]

Unfortunately, I can’t join the Run bcoz my big toe knocked the glass door and the nail ripped! Ouch!! I was crying till the doctor told me to stop crying, take a deep breath, and be patience. I cannot stand it and keep crying as it was really pain. Alhamdulillah, now my toe getting better and the nail will fully growth within the 3 months period as advised by doctor. For this time being, I lack one nail. One of my fren said that I am Disable (OKU). Am I? Below is my poster that I asked my frenz to wear it on the Run on behalf of me.

Next Run is Mine! Stay tuned for next Run post!

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