Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fitness : Dumbbell Exercises for Women

1. Take Light Dumbbells
Of course you are not going to take 10 lbs dumbbells if you’ve never exercised with dumbbells before. Starting dumbbells should weigh between 2 and 3 lbs.

2. The Areas Affected
Use dumbbell exercises to tone your back as well, and even your legs. You may think that’s gibberish, but it’s not. Keep reading and find out how.

3. Exercises for Your Arms
Any type of exercise that involves lifting a dumbbell is a good exercise for your arms. Keep your arms straight or bend your elbows, either of those exercises work.

4. Exercises for Your Back
Most of the dumbbell exercises for your back are good for your shoulder and scapula region. To work out the middle of your back, stand straight, straighten your arms in front of you a little bit below your shoulders holding the 2lbs dumbbells. Make a half of circle with each arm trying to connect the arms behind you. Repeat 15 times.

5. Exercises for Your Legs
Additional weight in your hands brings additional strain to your body. And when you exercise your legs while holding heavy dumbbells in your hands, you need more strength to perform the leg exercise. Of course, don’t use too much weight immediately, but do start with heavier dumbbells, for example 4-5 lbs.

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