Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Journey to Sabah (Tawau-Semporna-Sandakan)

Actual journey was on 16-20 Jan 2014

Below is a Bohey Dulang Island picture which was snapped by my fwen staying at Semporna. One of the reasons I plan to Sabah cuz I wish to go Mabul-Sipadan-Kapalai. Unfortunately, “High Seas Warning” has been declared on a week we went there, which means we were prohibited to ride on boat to those islands. No choice, we stick our plan fly to Sabah cuz already bought the tickets.

We parked the car at Putrajaya Sentral and buy a ERL train-shuttle service to LCCT. The train drop us at Salak Tinggi station and we continued journey by shuttle bus direct to LCCT.

Pre-journey (Thursday nite)
We supposed to fly at 6.00pm, however the aircraft delayed due to downpour. Hence, we depart at 7.30pm from LCCT and arrived at Tawau Airport around 10.30pm. We were informed that our flite is the last arrival which means the van we ride on was the last trip to Semporna. If we missed the van to Semporna, we have to wait till tomorrow as they didn’t provide 24/7 shuttle services to Semporna. However if plan to Tawau town, not to worry much as it just nearby the Tawau airport. Driving phase from Tawau to Semporna approximately an hour.

Alhamdulillah we arrived in front of our fren house and we were served with homemade mouth-watering crab soup, crispy squid, fresh fish and veges. Yummy! perfect culinary cuz I still remembered the sweet, luscious and succulent of the crab flesh.

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