Thursday, February 6, 2014

Journey to Sabah (Tawau-Semporna-Sandakan) (Day 3rd)

We went around Pasar Tanjung Tawau and bought amplang/pelang-pelang crackers, crispy and crunchy kuih cincin (ring cookies), sesagun (coconut powder) and udang kering (dried shrimps). Amplang is the small round crackers which has fish and squid flavours. The dried shrimps were very fresh, clean and the price was lower than normal. Suddenly, the kids out of nowhere offered help to carry our things and then we paid RM1 each. As per my understanding, the kids were bajau laut child and it was common for them to do that. I felt sympathy cuz they have to work (carry big heavy boxes) in their childhood age.

Then, we pop round Pasar Gantung Tawau and I was interested to buy kain pelikat benang 9000 (ayam serama) and kain pelikat benang 5000. I have been told that the more thread were used, the finer and better quality of the kain pelikat will be produced. Besides, I bought kaftan batik halus Indonesia and my fwen purchased tshirt and blouse. We break at eatery nearby and taken away Asfar Rice.
Masjid Bandar with its silver dome. Murtabak Jawa so yummy.

After checked out, we returned to Semporna and revisited Semporna Ocean Tourism Centre cuz  on the Day 1st we came here, the bigfish site has been closed. However, today we a bit late and only have 20minutes left to enjoy the bigfish seascape. The fish is big, black and I believe the fish is aged. We did select some souvenirs such as fridge magnet, pearl bracelet, tshirt and head warmer.

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