Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Journey to Sabah (Tawau-Semporna-Sandakan) (Day 1st)

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Day 1st (Friday)
We woke up tardy, freshen up and having a white rice, crispy bitter gourd, spicy coconut milk with crab and mango juice as our brunch.

Then we went to Semporna Ocean Tourism Centre to sense the fresh oceanic while walking along the floating resort. We saw fishes, crabs and lobsters along the floating aisle. We wish to see a big fish here (RM2/pax) but the site has been closed. So we plan to visit again on tomorrow. For those who plan to island nearby Semporna (such as Mabul, Sipadan, Kapalai etc) may spend a night at Dragon Inn Floating Resort or Seafest Hotel.

At night we dine in seafood floating restaurant at Kampung Tampi-tampi, Semporna. Previously, the venue charges were only RM2/pax. However starting on Jan 15th, 2014, the figure increased and it cost us RM10 per pax. They given us a coupon and we deducted on total bills when payment was made.

We ordered white rice (4pax), venison/deer beef (payau/daging rusa) with ginger, mix veges soup, butter crab (culinary of dried butter) and 3 flavor of white fish. Guess wat? All meals including drinks cost us RM120. So we paid RM80 more. The meal has a moderate taste and on earlier we SUPPOSED order ONLY butter crab just to subtract our coupon!

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