Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Journey to Sabah (Tawau-Semporna-Sandakan) (unforgettable scenes)

Locals name it as White Fish and normally
cook in three flavor cuisine

Scene2 At the seafood floating restaurant at Kampung Tampi-tampi, I requested warm water and they given me half warm water in mug and 1 bottle drinking water. I told my fwen why my warm water is half and none of us ordered the drinking water. Then my fwen said it is normal here, if customer ordered warm water they will give dat ‘package’ and she forgot to tell me earlier.

Scene3 The toilet is in the bus. Semporna to Sandakan took about 5 hours and unfortunately the bus didn’t stop at any rest station and I believe there is no rest station along the way. Differ in peninsular, the bus will stop at least once at rest station (such as hentian rehat or hentian sebelah) for people went to restroom or grab some snack.

Scene4 Enjoy the beauty of island nearby Semporna as captured below. The crystal clear water create the island greeny-blue and fresh air.

Notes: The climate was raining season on this journey, hence we plan to go again next time. In shaa Allah ('',)

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