Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Archery (Memanah): Sunnah Sport

Archery is one of Sunnah Sport beside horse riding and swimming. Since horse riding is rare and expensive sports in Malaysia and I can’t swim even with life jacket hence I chose to archery. To beginners plz note to wear finger gloves and arm guard. Plz refer photo below:

Some ideas from ProductiveMuslim for those interested to try Archery:

1. Go to your closest archery club and train under a coach or very good archer.
2. When you stand at the shooting line, stand upright and straight as in prayer, but in a 90 degree angle to the target. Stand feet apart, equivalent to your shoulder width. Stand in a comfortable upright straight position.
3. Focus on being regular and consistent and try to remember the feelings and thoughts up until the end of your shot.
4. Listen to your inner voices: you’ll recognize some of the things that are standing in your way of success. Clean up by intentionally choosing a different way of seeing things.
5. Take a friend along. You’ll find it quite encouraging to shoot for a coffee, ice cream or a can of sausages.
6. Encourage your children and others to do the sport. It’s a lot of fun in a group. Make sure your archery club has a grill. Otherwise get one. Shooting and grilling is really the best!

The indoor archery activities @ Star Archery, Aeon Keramat

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