Thursday, September 27, 2012

Budget 2013

This coming Friday which is tomorrow, 28 September 2012 is a day we waiting for the Budget 2013 will be tabled at Parliament.

Well, as for BN one of the manifesto is concerning house price control/affordable housing I guess. The government should control the house price as it keeps increasing due to inflation, higher construction expenditure, pricy/increasing land cost, third party manipulation and so on. According to 1Malaysia website, Dato’ Seri Najib will host another “#TanyaNajib” session on Wednesday (3rd Oct 2012) at 9.00pm which will give opportunity for Malaysian to raise any query regarding the measures that have been announced.

And for PR, one of the proposal is lower car prices which is one of the method to increase disposable income as stated in PR Budget 2013. I believe that we may decrease the price as we produce our own car such as Proton.

I agree for both theme (Housing and Car Issue) to be tabled. Whatsoever, the budget 2013 will influence the GE13. Hurm, interesting..will be one of the biggest history in Malaysia’s politics and we won’t miss it huh.

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