Thursday, October 4, 2012

Genting Highlands (30 Sept 2012, Sunday)

We went to Genting Highlands on last Sunday as to greet a visit from a fren. We bought a Golden Package ticket cost RM58 per pax which include bus ride (return) + skyway (return) + outdoor theme park pass. The bus ride to Genting took on an hour from KL Central. Then we travel on skyway about 15 minutes I guess. All along the skyway ride, we had a chance to feel the fresh green magnificent of Equatorial Forest (Hutan Khatulistiwa/Hutan Hujan Tropika).

Yezza we arrived at the entrance of outdoor theme park eventually. The first we saw Space Shot, hahaa which I wouldn’t bother to try even I had a few visit previously. Then, we went to DinoLand. It has a boat trip over there and we did not get in it as had to wait in long line. Hence, we went up had sightseeing, climbed the curvy slope, through the suspension bridge and viewing through binocular to observe a panorama (but the bino only works once coin inserted).

After that, we went to a boating. Better to sit in bumper boat if wish for more challenge.

If don’t want get drenched, please bring umbrella or rain coat when ride on Flume Ride. If get wet, it still ok ‘cuz restroom just beside the Flume Ride entrance to facilitate visitors changing cloths. 

Next, we ride on Mini Train, Antique Car, Spinning Mug, Pirate Train, Pirate Ship, Spinner, and many more. Hurm, the sidestalls game required RM2 per token if I’m not mistaken. On Monorail : it was slow, more challenging ride on real KL Monorail. Spinner : it does work as my head spinning

No need to worry much since amenities such as Surau, restroom, ATM is provided. Plus, the food stalls just nearby.

On the way back, we had pleasure in indoor area. Huh, dun be surprised ‘cuz Eifel Tower is in Malaysia as we had captured the photo. We did not manage to get all around the indoor area seeing that inadequate time. However, we still managed to capture some indoor photos.

If not interested for the outdoor theme park, may just stopover the indoor area (without play games) which only cost RM20 ++ for bus ride (return) + skyway (return). For those out there, enjoyz reading!

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