Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trip to Langkawi Island, Kedah (September 2013)

Day 1st, our flight was delayed and we landed Langkawi Island behind schedule. From Langkawi airport, we took a coupon taxi to our lodging at Kuah town and it cost us RM25 per trip. I suggest for those who plan to Langkawi Island by flight, and wanna go to many places around the island, better to get a rental car/motorcycle as it is the most cost-effective cuz the chargers only RM170 for 3days, and you probably may get lower than dat price. Plus, we may choose the car type that comfy with us.

We checked in Riverra Inn at kuah town. We chose this accomodation as it calm and serene. As previous we did stayed at Chenang, and it was lively. The above photos were the countryside taken over there and our dinner, spicy seafood tomyam, salted fish kailan, turmeric chic, succulent crunchy squid and special bistik egg. The 24 hours mini mart and the restaurant just a few step from the lodging.

After Maghrib prayer, we went to Air Hangat Nite Market and I was surprise cuz the buah melaka delicacy was cheap, 12pcs cost us RM1 only! As normally, 4pcs cost us RM1.20. Next, we went to Chenang and walk along the beach and then drop by @ Chenang Mall.

Day 2nd, we went to Berjaya Langkawi and dine in Beach Restaurant whilst adoring the coastal panoramic. Our menus were spicy penne ala arabiatta, seafood quesadilla, special masala chic naan and tasty wedges.

Next, we went to Black Sand Beach (located at Jalan Teluk Yu) and the sand really black due to the mineral contents in the sand such as iron oxide and tourmaline. Other attractions nearby is Langkawi Craft Complex and Ewa Jetty (pastoral fishing village).

Then we head off to Nusantara to buy sea cucumber products such as balm, soap, lotion and many more. We managed to glance the buluh tumpat and tongkat ali as well.

Day 3rd, after had a lunch, we hang around Kompleks Haji Ismail Group. We bought several chocolates including the imported. Plus, we bought some souvenirs such as batik sarung, kain pelekat, t-shirts, and many more. Before left, we managed to savor Laksa Power @ nearby eatery. 

We continued the journey to Durian Perangin WaterFall and after that went to Tanjung Rhu Beach. For those visit Langkawi Island for the first time, I suggested go to Underwater World, Langkawi cable car, Macincang Mountain, Eagle Square, Langkawi WildLife Park, Rice Garden, Mahsuri Mausoleum, Mangrove Tour and many more.

On the way to airport, we captured mosque photos such as Masjid Al-Hana @ Kuah, Masjid Al-Aisyah @ Kuah and Masjid Al-Ihsan @ Temoyong. Bubbye!

Tips to drive/ride around island:
1-When rent a car, look for 6-sided “hire and drive” permit on car windshield.
2-Don’t rent a vehicle with bald tyres.
3-Watch out for animals crossing the road.
4-Avoid driving/riding at night.

Note: Our driver/tourist guide is Mrs Muri and she may be contacted on 0175490267

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