Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enviro Run 2012

It has been quite some time I didn’t post entry on Running. My final run last time was McD Run 2012 and I didn’t post any entry about it. Bz perhaps. Hahaa. Currently, my fren and I plan to join Enviro Run 2012 in conjunction with Malaysia Environmental Week celebrationWe had filled up the membership form of RAS (Rakan Alam Sekitar) and for those who interested to sign up may perform RAS online registration.

Entry form and schedule of Enviro Run 2012

While surfing the DOE Malaysia, I found out World Ozone Condition Poster. Ozone layer depletion will expose us to more UV radiation which causes health harmful. Hence, we should reduce consumption of items which has contains and may contribute to ozone thinning. I’m sure many of us aware on this issue; however action should be taken as well.

P/S: We plan to join running which offer FREE entry fees since we have to reduce our expenses.

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