Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dine in Panettone @ KL Sentral (6 October 2012)

As we hang around KL Sentral yesterday, we bump in Panettone. Hurm, before we sat dine in, I asked the waiter standing in the entrance of Panettone, “what is the special menu or signature of this café?” The waiter smile and he offered us weekends promotion menus. He didn’t tell me the signature menu or he possibly thought we didn’t have sufficient money to pay and lazy to treat us I guess hehehe (my assumption only).

We came in chose our table and I saw the menu book, “Panettone : Art of Bread”. Owh..dat is the specialty, my query has been answered. However, we ordered other menus instead of bread. I ordered Lasagna as I was craving for it for a few weeks back and the luscious lasagna was very good. I decided to have a Dragon Fruit juice as it is my all time fav. My sis chose Chicken Chop and Hawaiian juice. We had fries as our add-on meal and unfortunately, the fries a bit over-cooked. 

For viewers out there, if you drop by KL Sentral, may try to dine in “Panettone : Art of Bread”. I would like to try PITA (kebab) menu next time.

*Menu stated here may vary from Panetton’s menu book as I forgot the menu name.

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