Friday, July 24, 2015

Discovered Sumatra: Banda Aceh, Kapal Tsunami Lampulo, Situs Tsunami PLTD Apung, Ulee Lheue Mass Grave, Ulee Lheue Port (Day 2nd, Part 1)

Plz note actual date discovered Aceh and We Island (Sabang) was on 23-26 May, 2015.

I was not feeling well cuz I cant sleep last night! First time I cant sleep while traveling, I was not sure why, the hot coffee perhaps? Whatever. We walked to the stall nearby to have our breakfast. I wasn’t in the mood cuz feel tired due to lack of quality sleep, so I decided to have ‘nasi lemak and telur sapi’ (fried egg). If my mood ok, of cuz I have chosen my fav, fried chicken and ‘bergedil’ (potatoes)! Some of the delicacies for breakfast were as above.

Our first dropped by for today was Kapal Tsunami Lampulo located at Gampong Lampulo, Kuta Alam. We witnesses a fisherman wooden boat was stranded above a local house. We managed to meet up with the locals there and they shared their experiences during Tsunami hit Aceh.

Before the Tsunami occured, the boat was in the dock area in Krueng Aceh River in Lampulo. The Andaman Sea earthquake and Tsunami wave has stranded the boat to the housing area in Lampulo, located approximately 1 km from the dock area.

Juz a glimpse, some of us thought it was a disaster while it was happening, however it was a blessed cuz more than 50 peoples were survived by the boat. The victims went up to the boat to avoid from drowning due to Tsunami wave and they survived from the huge crocodile which was under the boat.

PLTD (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Diesel)
Afterward, we paid a visit at Situs Tsunami PLTD Apung located at Punge Blang Cut Village. The vessel of Apung 1 was an electric generator vessel in Banda Aceh.

This huge vessel weighing 2,600 tons was stranded approximately 4 km by Tsunami wave from Ulee Lheue seaboard to Punge Blang Cut Village on 26 Dec 2004. This is one of evidence the strong tidal wave of Tsunami 2004 disaster.

We climbed up the ship and managed to experience a great sight of the town once we reached the top of the ship. Unfortunately, visitors were not allowed to enter in the interior part of the ship (the door was locked).

Next, we visited Ulee Lheue Mass Grave which located on the way to Ulee Lheue Port. Plz  note to recite Al-Fatihah for the victims during visiting the mass grave. May their soul be blessed.

Ulee Lheue Mass Grave is the second largest mass grave in Aceh. Previously, the site was the location of Meuraxa Public Hospital (Rumah Sakit Meuraxa). When Tsunami hit Aceh, the hospital was destroyed badly and involving a substantial budget to rebuild and remaintain. At present, the yard of the hospital became the location of mass burial for Tsunami victims. The Meuraxa Hospital was relocated to the area in Miba Village in Banda Raya district, Banda Aceh.

At the entrance gate of this Mass Grave, it stated the translation of Surah Al-Anbiya verse 35. “Every soul will taste death, and We test you with bad and with good as trial, and to Us you will be returned” (Quran, 21:35). This mass grave area is surrounded with the wall painted of Asma-Ul-Husna (99 Names of Allah).

We proceed to Ulee Lheue Port, onboard a Slow Ferry to Weh Island. We stepped in the ferry at 10.30am and the ferry left the port around 11.00am.

Seascape taken from the ferry was as above. The ferry provided amenities such as Surau, mini mart and rented plastic rug, however I didn’t notice if toilet was provided.

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