Monday, July 27, 2015

Discovered Sumatra: Sabang, Iboih Beach, Pulau Rubiah (Day 3rd, Part 1)

Plz note actual date discovered Aceh and We Island (Sabang) was on 23-26 May, 2015.

There is a white Masjid beside PUSKESMAS
Since we were on the way to Iboih for snorkeling, Mrs Hana dropped by Iboih Mini Hospital, PUSKESMAS Iboih (Pusat Kesihatan Masyarakat Iboih) cuz one of our friends was not feeling well.

She had vomiting, headache, nausea and sore throat since yesterday evening.  I wasn’t sure the exact caused, however we believed those symptom appeared due to the hilly pathway and the winding road at this island and she not supposed to drink coffee too much. Plus maybe she didn’t drink much water due to this island was hot and dry weather.

Iboih Beach is a beach area near Rubiah Islet. Iboih Beach has resorts, restaurants, boat trips, bike rental, internet services, snorkeling and diving package. Once parked the car, we were given snorkeling equipments such as goggles, snorkeling gear, life jacket and fins. Although the package was included with the underwater camera, however we have to use our own memory card. After fitting the snorkeling equipments, we ride on a small motorboat to Rubiah Island.

Rubiah Island is one of four islets in Weh Island and it is located nearby Seulako Island. According to Bahrul (our local guide), previously Rubiah Island used to be a center for hajj pilgrims went to Saudi Arabia, and it is no longer presently.

Our snorkel guide (forgot his name) was helpful and nice to us. Since all of us not good enough in swimming, the guide help brought us down, almost to the seabed and taken pictures with the colorful fish and the breathtaking corals.

As picture above (right): Cuz a mission to catch a fish with a bare hand is failed, hence I juz managed kissing the fish. It was easier!

The purple fish was stunned once our guide snapped the picture. Although this area is not much ruined by the Tsunami 2004, however some of the coral reefs were damaged as well.

Last shot before we ended our snorkeling day! This was my third time snorkeling after Pangkor and Oslob. It will be great if I can swim well cuz without any equipment, I can still cope properly during underwater.

After an hour snorkeling, we returned to seaside and enjoying coconut drinks and hot coffee at Al-Fatin eatery. Beside drinks, the eatery serving grilled fish and other meals as well.

After rest a while and enjoying drinks in front of the breathtaking seascape, we decided return to Iboih Beach cuz to freshen up and prepared went back to Sabang.

Landscape taken from the middle of the sea
Local calls Iboih Beach as Tuepin Layeu. While boarding on the motorboat, we managed to capture the orange alphabet stated ‘teupin layeu’ (with missing ‘L’ as picture above).

Above picture (right): The shower room was nearby the Masjid and plz note to respect the Masjid area. The shower room was not equipped with shower hose or water pipe, however only well (perigi) was provided! Wat a surprise. This was so unexpected! Above picture (left): last picture taken before leaving Iboih.

After packed all our things, we proceed to Balohan Port, Sabang to catch up the fast ferry to Aceh mainland. Before reached Balohan Port, we managed to drop by at Sabang Square and taken picture at ‘I luv Sabang’ as final momento at Pulau Weh.

Once reached Balohan Port, we bought Salak fruits while waiting the fast ferry to open the entrance gate.

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