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Discovered Sumatra: Banda Aceh, Warung Pak Rasyid, Grand Masjid of Baiturrahman, Putroe Phang Historical Park, Aceh Tsunami Museum (Day 4th)

Plz note actual date discovered Aceh and We Island (Sabang) was on 23-26 May, 2015.

After checked out, we had a breakfast at Warung Pak Rasyid located about 5 minutes drove from our accommodation. Bahrul and Ibnu suggested us to taste Nasi Guri as photo above. The rice was served with sambal and crackers and I’ve added fried egg. The owner (I believed) given us a small piece of ‘dendeng’ beef as a freegift. This stall served Nasi Kuning as well.

Later, we visited Grand Masjid of Baiturrahman located at the center of Banda Aceh. The masjid is one of architecture which still standing while other buildings were destroyed by the massive earthquake and the Tsunami 2004.

As above picture, the clock located at the outer wall of the Masjid was stranded and the clock indicated the time of Tsunami 2004 occurred in Banda Aceh.

We managed to visit a site where Mayor General JHP Kohler was killed nearby the tree on April 14, 1873 while he was leading an attack towards the Baiturrahman Grand Masjid. Pasar Aceh is situated right behind this Masjid, and items selling over there are cheaper compared to the other places.

Putroe Phang Historical Park is a park was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda for his beloved wife named Putroe Phang (Puteri Pahang). One of the sole architecture at this park is Gunongan, which was built resembles to the hilly area of Pahang due to Putroe Phang always missed her hometown located at Pahang, Malaysia.

Pinto Khop (dome-shaped entrance) is an arch entrance that connecting between the Putroe Phang Park and the Palace.

Aceh Tsunami Museum was officially opened on 2008 and designed by Indonesian architect Ridwan Kamil (currently he is a Mayor of Bandung). It was built as a remembrance and lessons of the earthquake and Tsunami disaster which struck Aceh on 2004. The museum has 4 storeys and the roof resembles a tidal wave of Tsunami.

One of the unforgettable moment was we went through the dark, narrow, spiral alley between two high walls of water flowing and a weird sound, to experience the ambiance of the Tsunami 2004 disaster. Else, visitors may experience the shaking-room (electronic simulation) to feel the situation of the earthquake. Besides, the museum provided audio visual room presenting a short video regarding the earthquake and Tsunami disaster hit Aceh on 26 Dec 2004.

Artifacts and photos of Tsunami 2004 aftermath were exhibited in the museum. A photo above (right): one of Tsunami 2004 aftermath was the dome of Masjid was stranded in the middle of paddy field. Above photo (left): name of victims of Tsunami 2004 disaster were placed in a special room together with Quran recitation.

Picture (right): After Tsunami
Picture (left): Before Tsunami
May see the difference on upper left of both diorama above
Tsunami 2004 changed the topography in Aceh, primarily in the northern area. According to locals, a few area of the land were sunk by water and some of the recent waterpath is a road previously. It was illustrated on above diorama which we captured from the museum.

Budgets 4D3N BandaAceh-Sabang per pax
Nowadays, Banda Aceh is redevelop and the government built a new asphalt road and planted newly grasses and trees. Due to Tsunami 2004 tragedy, the soil is more fertile and currently Banda Aceh is one of the best places for tourism.

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