Monday, July 27, 2015

Discovered Sumatra: Weh Island, Sabang, Sumur Tiga Beach, Nol KM, Bixio Café, Taman Wisata Kuliner (Day 2nd, Part 2)

Plz note actual date discovered Aceh and We Island (Sabang) was on 23-26 May, 2015.

We reached Balohan Ferry Terminal, Weh Island at 1.30pm and the journey took about 2.5 or 3 hours by slow ferry. Weh Island was previously connected to the Sumatra mainland and became separated by the sea since the volcano eruption long time ago. Sabang is the main town in Weh Island and this island is surrounded by 4 islets which are Rubiah, Seulako, Klah and Rondo.

We meet up with Mrs Hana (contact no: 085260829376), our driver (supir) at Sabang and we had a lunch at some area before went to hotel. After freshened up and performed solah at hotel, we occupied the evening at Sumur Tiga Beach.

Sumur Tiga Beach is located in Ie Meule area, at the east coast of Weh Island. The white sandy beach and the magnificent seascape make it a perfect place to relax and escaped from the bustling city.

Sumur Tiga Beach
As we running out of time, we didn’t manage visit to Gapang Beach and Anoi Hitam. Anoi Hitam has a black sand beach and it was a Japanese site previously.

Seascape nearby Nol KM

Nol KM (Kilometer Zero of Indonesia) is the beginning point of kilometer counting for Indonesia. It is located at Desa Iboih Ujung Bau about an hour drive from Sumur Tiga Beach. The new monument of Kilometer Nol was still in construction phase on the time we visited there. Hence we just took the above picture as momento. I was informed that certificate will be issued for those who successfully went up to the peak of the monument. Sounds interesting!

Landscape in front of Bixio Cafe
Later, Mrs Hana suggested us to have a tea time at Bixio Café located at KM 0 Road, Lingkungan Tiboh. There was a signboard of BixioCafe at the roadside however we need to walk along the trail provided to the café area which located in front of the beach. This café served Italian and Indonesian culinary.

We enjoyed the amazing scenery while waiting our meal to be served.

We munched fries and ice lemon tea as our drinks. The fries tasted a bit different, I meant more tasty compared to the fries I’ve eaten previously, however the services was slow cuz we waited about 45 minutes, only for the 2 plates of fries. There were not many customers, it was only us and 2 couples over there during the waitress took our order.

Before return to hotel, we managed to shop a few Sabang tshirt and fridge magnets at Iyad Gallery, Sabang town. Then, we had a dinner at Taman Wisata Kuliner and enjoying the Sate Gurita (grilled octopus satay).

Discovered Sumatra:

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