Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hiking: Broga Hill

Actual hiking was on 16th February 2014

Broga Hill is located in Semenyih, Hulu Langat district and the hill is placed between a border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Some called Broga Hill as Bukit Lalang cuz of the grass that grows abundantly over the hill. We started hiking before dawn as we plan to witnesses sunrise on peak of the hill. It was dark and we had insufficient flash light hence we plan to share. I advise plz have your own flash light cuz atleast u can see the track clearly and able to manage danger if any.

The surrounding before we started hiking: the full moon in dark sky and a bit windy. We juz follow the grup in front of us while we talking each other and suddenly we realized that we lost in the middle of the hill cuz there is no track and we stucked in abundant rubber estate. The track should be sandy ground as stated in the photo amongst of this entry.

Some of us suggested turning back and cuz we not sure how far we have been stucked in the forest, we decided to move further instead of turnback. We out of track and had gone through inaccessible pathway including hiking the slippery steep slopes, discovered a small ravine, went under the big trunk’s tree and came across the thorny plant. We felt tired however kept push ourselves to climb up more till we reached at a big stone. We almost give up and eventually we found the track out of nowhere! Actually, the track is behind that big stone. Alhamdulillah syukur!

Some of the hikers walking in the track asking each other where on earth they coming from? (they=our team) Other shortcut? Deep in my heart stated dun bother the route ok juz follow the provided track. I was thinking it was a short cut or longer path? Ok done thinking and now we climb up to the first peak yeyy.

The trail is provided together with the rope to simplify hiker to climb up and to prevent slipped when trekked down the hill. The wind a bit strong when we were on peak. The time we were hiking was on dry climate. The sandy breeze made us a bit suffocated and we supposed bring a mask. We already arrived on first peak and the moon just now still accompanied us with the glow.

As in the photo above, the ground a bit parched cuz insufficient moisture. The countryside above was captured from the second peak. We have to reach the highest peak as per understanding there is 3 stages in BrogaHill hiking. After took a break about 10 minutes, we kept on climb up till we met up the highest peak!

On the way to highest peak, we witnesses the sun risen (not so). I didn’t capture the best view of the sunrise however only that was my shot. The strong wind made me felt unstable and felt like I will be flown away. We all happy cuz we made it till the highest peak as I thought we will lost and didn’t manage to accomplish to the highest peak.

We rest a bit longer on the highest peak and I saw some of the hiker sleeping on the big stones. We have to gain energy and prepared to trek down hill. As for me trail down the hill was more adventurous cuz the dusty and dry soil may caused slipped or skidded.

On the way back, we tag along the same track but we decided to choose different method. E.g. we climb up by hand and now we trek down by rope.

Alhamdulillah: despite all the obstacles, we went down safely eventually. Then we recognized in the beginning we mistaken a route as we supposed to the right (provided track) instead of left (erroneous trail). Huh, we didn’t see any arrow or signboard as above before we went up, overlooked perhaps cuz it was too dark.

BrogaHill hikers of 2014 and proud to be Malaysian! Yeyy

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